67 thoughts on “Flosstube #9 (8/16/18) : Out in the Veggie Garden

  • Kaniki's Post author

    So glad to see you again- in another video!!! My goodness- you had me cracking up- about the airport story…. Goodness…. Thanks for sharing all your goodies- and your stories too…

    P.s.. I too need to challenge myself more- with my colorway's for designs… I just have "That" palette… lol.. 🙂 Blessings- & Enjoy The Garden!!!! Niki

  • Country Crossstitcher Post author

    Oh dear 😂😂 poor little fob tree 😂😂 it has a story worth of an heirloom now lol

  • Glynn Hempel Post author

    Really enjoyed your airport story! The fobs are so cute! Loved the video!

  • Barb guenther Post author

    Thankyou for the new designs!
    I love your videos especially the farm tour! It is nice to feel a part of your life and to know where your inspiration comes from!
    Barb g

  • Gea Vedder Post author

    Thank you for another lovely video. I am Dutch, and when you said you bought an antique Dutch sampler my heart skipped a beat…..I hope you will find the time to reproduce it…I think it's beautiful and I will absolutely buy and stitch it !

  • Diana Zaslow Post author

    Oh, man, I want to live on a farm.
    I love the fob airport story.

  • Terri TheOldNeedleShop Post author

    What a enjoyable video Beth, thanks for taking us along!

  • Mount Mercy Post author

    Your home is beautiful! Thank you for sharing the video. I wish I could stitch with you there!

  • Becky M Post author

    I really enjoyed your airport story. Your retreat projects are really sweet and I love the garden fobs. Thanks for sharing.

  • Sara Brunsvold Post author

    Love your land and home!! Always love all your beautiful work!!

  • Darla Beckerson Post author

    I really enjoy your video. I can't wait to get the Summer Garden fobs. I plan to make them for my best friend who shares her bounty from her garden with me every year. <3

  • Patti Rocky Mountain Stitcher Post author

    Hi! Glad to see you. Love your new sewing theme items and your fob tree. Very clever. Kudos on your new antique sampler. It’s gorgeous.

  • Charmaine Howell Post author

    Beth I love your retreat items. They are so neat and useful.

  • Marymac 16 Post author

    I love your retreat projects, the fobs, and that sampler! Nice video – thanks! See you soon!

  • lefty stitcher Post author

    Lovely video! Thoroughly enjoyed the tour! Your tiny fobs are so cute! Thanks for sharing your story about the Fob Tree trip! Had to giggle on that. Enjoy the rest of your summer. Looking forward to next time.

  • Djsportgoofy Post author

    Great video! That sampler is fantastic! Those bunnies!!!

  • Xpresslifetifa Post author

    Your garden is so green! I’ve been very busy with my Summer swimming and gardening too. I love the new designs! I’ve never really used a thimble before. I did use a rubber grip for tie quilting, I thought your story at TSA was pretty funny. Hope your harvest is plentiful!

  • stitchinbythelake Post author

    Beth I love the veggies! I’ve only stitched a couple of the other fobs so far but these will definitely move to the top of the list! Blessings, Marlene

  • Maine Moosemom Stitcher Post author

    Love the TSA story! Laughed so much. Your new fobs are so cute💕

  • Homesteading on the Homefront Post author

    This was a perfect episode, as I watched it while I made a batch of Pricilla's "Yard Sauce". I think I've watched all of the Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners. There's a season where they matched them up with people who own old castles and THAT was fantastic! Can't wait to make those fobs!!!!

  • elizabeth thompson Post author

    Please please dont wait so long to release your retreat project with the needles etc. chart. It is the cutest stitching I have seen in awhile. Thank you for another fun filled video.

  • Elizabeth Martinez Post author

    I think I want to come live at your house! Beautiful projects and I loved the airport story!

  • CreciaCrafts Post author

    The security / weapon story is pretty funny! Fast thinking with going out to skycap! I had convinced myself that I don't need any more of the fob patterns but darn if you didn't make me rethink that with the dough bowl!

  • Canopied Stitches Post author

    Wow, Beth. Overall, an excellent flosstube session. You have gone outside your comfort zone.😎 Look forward to your smart releases. Thank you, and stay cool.

  • susan orr Post author

    How about purple cauliflower? Nice video, thx

  • Pam Lacey Post author

    Loved this video; I live on our family farm so seeing your yard, outbuildings, and gardens was especially enjoyable!! Thank you so much for sharing. Love your new scissor fob patterns of the garden – so adorable. Can't wait for you to chart up the antique sampler; it is gorgeous!! One question; do you have a listing somewhere showing what shops or events you will be teaching or doing a show? I would love to get to attend one in the future. Loved both your project and Tanya's at the Heirloom event, just didn't know about it. Blessings and happy stitching (love your open and down to earth way of doing your videos)!!

  • Karen Moad Post author

    I just love the fob tree. I have an old broken table in our barn which will be having an amputation very soon so I can copy your idea. Love the new garden fobs. Your property is so lovely and peaceful. Thank you for the tour.

  • Elisa Reynozo Post author

    I was stitching the Coffee Quaker while watching your video.

    Loved the new Sampler you purchased!

    The farm is beautiful!!


  • Mavis Trout Post author

    Are you doing xmas fobs? loved your story about the tree!!

  • rhonda smith Post author

    Well another wonderful video, I loved you sitting in your garden, getting to see farmboy was fun too…very clever way of moving coop, something my hubby would come up with…love those fobs you’re killing me with these…..love seeing your farm very very serene….thank you for sharing…can’t wait for another, you always have good ideas…..blessings Rhonda

  • Texstylust Textile Style Post author

    Love, love, love the needles and thimbles stitches! Would be cool to have something similar for all the buttons. The chicken coop scene was the best! Can you freeze green beans instead of canning?? Love the pups.

  • Polly - Old Dominion Stitcher Post author

    I love your videos. Love those class projects. I am working on attending one of your classes soon. Just love your designs. Do you think I have said love to many times. LOL.

  • sweetmormor Post author

    Just ordered your veggie fobs on Etsy! Adorable! Your new vintage Sampler is gorgeous with those sweet bunnies and the house is wonderful – hope to live long enough to stitch it if you chart it! I am gearing up to start those sweet garden fobs! 🐝🥦🍅🌽🥕

  • Nevada Stitcher Post author

    Loved seeing your gardens !! Can’t wait to get your new fob series. I have been stitching your patriotic and sewing series to use as stitchy kindness. Your TSA story is priceless. Sounds like something I would do. So glad it made it back to you safe and sound.

  • Darlene Urso Post author

    Your property is lovely. I love the box you completed for the retreat.

  • HM Stitches Post author

    I love the garden theme of your August fob collection. I also really enjoyed seeing the chicken coop being moved and the tour of your outdoors areas. Great video!

  • Carol Ridenbaugh Post author

    I so enjoyed your video Beth….wonderful tour of your farm and love seeing your new fob designs!

  • Darleen Bumgardner Post author

    I love your new fobs. I have been stopped and searched by TSA more times. I never figured out why. I guess you are later out there where you live. All my veggies are ready. My blueberries are done. It has been awfully hot! Your antique sampler is terrific.

  • SusiesFancies Post author

    Love the new fobs! Thanks for the tour and letting us watch the chicken coop move!

  • Farmboyslove Post author

    Great new fob designs. Thanks for the show suggestion. My mom is a hoarder, & desperately needs to clean 😉. Thank you for the yard tour. I love the herb garden. Such a peaceful homestead. Until next time, Stitch on!

  • janice kirby Post author

    Loved the tour

  • Church Mouse Stitches Post author

    Hi Beth! This was a wonderfully enjoyable video. Your farm is fantastic. This is my idea of paradise. The antique sampler is going to be fabulous when you get to reproduce it . I love the bunnies. Hope you have a great retreat at Salty Yarns and safe travels. Take care…Crystal

  • Stitching Noni Post author

    Thank you so much for showing your gorgeous property! I loved the chicken coup move… and your farm/tractor boy would so fit in with us Aussies doing the move with a bourbon in his hand!! Love it 🤣 your new old Sampler is gorgeous- I would so have to stitch that one when you get around to reproducing it! 😸 Enjoy the last of your summer, hugs x

  • Wooley Girl Post author

    Loved the video-especially seeing your garden and home. Your new deck is very nice. Your fob tree story was funny. Thanks for sharing. Pam in Alabama

  • Athena Besa Post author

    I’ve been saving all my fabric scraps to make those cute fobs 😀

  • Joan Clarke Post author

    The little summer garden series is adorbs. But that antique sampler takes the cake. Another fun video in your garden. Thanks for taking time to do these, they're so enjoyable.

  • Rebecca Reyes Post author

    The fob tree is really cute and has quite the history now! I really like your retreat patterns. I’ll look for them when they come out. Your antique sampler is gorgeous! Thanks for making the video and sharing your beautiful home ! Do you get snow at all in winter? ❤️

  • Christina Gallegos Post author

    I really like the yard and home tour ! Great place !

  • Cindys cross stitch Post author

    I always get pulled aside by TSA, it's never fun. I love your garden, property, and home. Enjoy the rest of your summer.🌻🌻🌻

  • Betty Ulan Post author

    Love your videos. What a wonderful place you have. A little slice of heaven. Do you have snakes there? I was born and raised in Oklahoma and I have such a phobia. We had chicken snakes (rat snakes) that would get in the chicken nests and eat the eggs. We also have rattlesnakes, copperheads, and water moccasins. I can’t even stand a picture of one and don’t let me see one on tv. Not even a little one. I just wonder what you have there. Do you just snap the green beans or do you shell them if they get too big. Good for you still canning. There were 7 of us and mom canned on an old wood stove. Plus Oklahoma heat. Bless her heart she was a hard worker and my Daddy was also.

  • Karleen Miller Post author

    Love watching you and all the info you give us. Since I have just found you did not see the video you had about your great grandmothers. I had a grandmother named Ida. She was from Sweden. She lived with us for about a year when she medical care that she could not get where she lived. At sometime I will have to get the chart that you did for her.

  • Beth Ann Henry Post author

    That's a lot of cuteness!

  • Vicki-Stitching Trucker Post author

    Hello! So the airport story was cute and funny. Love the new garden veggies series. Thanks for a wonderful time.

  • Starr Sarrazin Post author

    Hello Beth. Your new veggies in the garden fobs are super cute!! Really enjoyed the the video at the end! Your property is wonderful!! Can't wait to see the finished raised bed and fish pond! How many eggs to you get a day? Happy Stitching!! 😊

  • Stitchy Widgets Post author

    Beautiful sampler! Thanks for sharing!

  • Rebecca Moore Post author

    Love the homestead tour. Beth, your design are always inspiring to want to stitch. Congratulations on the new retreat design series. I’m sure stitchers will be buzzing for the next couple years in anticipation of it’s public release. Love the fob tree and the story. I would not have abandoned it either.

  • Country Stitchers - Liz & Deb Post author

    The airport story was funny!!
    So excited to see you in OC Maryland in October!!
    The Gamboree is always such a fun time!
    Love the new fobs and your ‘new-old’ sampler😵😍love it!!
    Thanks for the video!
    Happy stitching!

  • Katherine Bouchard Post author

    Thanks for the yard tour. This is how I want to live, but I’m currently in a city. Some day!

  • Country Stitchers - Liz & Deb Post author

    Hi, Beth, Deb and I have received our Prestitch! We are looking forward to the October Jamboree … I lived on the Central coast of CA when I was in High School and was disoriented when I moved East in college! Of the two Coasts( and I lived near the Texas Gulf coast too), still hands down, I would take the sunsets on the Pacific coast! We used to ride horseback right on the shore! Never lived there again after life took me on in college. Anyway, I digress, see you at our surf and turf soon! LIZ🐳🦀🐬

  • laura tyler Post author

    What a beautiful setting around your home! Thank you for sharing. Now about the TSA airport scanners! My sister one time stuck her double 15 dominos (they come in a metal box) in her carry on so she would not put too much weight in her suitcase. She got the royal search treatment, as well as my 86 yr old mother who on the flight home stuck the dominoes in her carry on .oh goodness it was funny.
    Again thank you for sharing! 😊🙋🏼

  • Betsy Albertson Post author

    Love the airport story and love your homestead!

  • Patti Gagliardi Post author

    Thanks so much for sharing! Love your new fob set! Thanks for sharing the airport story 🙂 I had fun reliving the retreat through my blog and through your video! Glad you were able to relax a while when you got home! Blessings!

  • YellowRoseStitcher Post author

    Oh My Goodness, I LOVE your retreat pieces. I can't wait for those to be released!!!

  • Stitch and Be Well - Mrs Vendsel Post author

    Wonderful Veggie Garden video, Beth, thank you! You are living my dream with the chickens and the veggie garden. 🙂 I keep having visions of stitching all 109 fobs for my closest stitching friends and sending them out to points far and near. I really am enjoying your fob series, thank you for each wonderful new addition. Glad to hear your erstwhile fob tree/weapon made it safely home. I love your retreat pieces and like the idea of collecting thimbles. That Dutch sampler with the bunnies, though!!! The British OCD cleaning video sounds fun, thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • AndreaC - iHeartCrossStitch Post author

    I just loved watching this video!! The background sounds of chickens, crickets, and other wildlife were very pleasant. Your airport/dowel tree story was hysterical!! Love the summer garden fobs! Thank you for taking us on a tour of your beautiful piece of Oregon. I hope you are doing well. 💜

  • Olivia Ramirez Post author

    Loved seeing your FlossTube enjoyed your greenhouse and all your chickens and around your house. What a beautiful place!

  • Carolyn Johnson Post author

    Love the retreat pieces! Thought the thimble jar was going to be a button jar when you rattled it. Maybe the set will have a scissor pocket. Will definitely look forward to its future release!

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