39 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Which Fruits and Vegetables Boost DNA Repair?

  • Lucio Huet Post author


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  • Vishal Murugan Post author

    A video on NEEM TREE

  • Cameron Brown Post author

    When are your videos on the ketogenic diet & intermittent fasting being released? You said they would be released at the beginning of this year…

  • machiningpaper Post author

    When studies observe the effects of boiling plants is the cooking water always discarded?
    I love an unblended soup so the cooking water is consumed.
    Is the boiling breaking down or dissolving out nutrients into the water?

  • A3 Skywarrior Post author

    Cooked food is dead food

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  • Yepp Bitter Post author

    Sorry for being off-topic, but there is a book, "The Obesity Code" by Dr. Jason Fung, becoming pretty popular – I wonder if you heard and have any opinion about it; especially about the meaning of caloric intake vs. insulin.

  • Monica Post author

    Dr Greger is the coolest dude. Tks for the informative video!

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    …more than others

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    Hello Sir Greger, I am a huge fan and have read your book, How Not To Die. Just mind-blowing. I have recently realised that I have IBS and I am obliged to go on a FODMAP diet, which is very difficult on a plant-based diet. I was hoping you might have some tips for that and possibly discuss it a little. what can be done to eliminate this issue once and for all? Thanks.

  • haku Post author

    videos on fasting when?

  • nino nikki Post author

    If boiling loses the effect, is it in the broth?
    These test are always incomplete and stupid in many cases.

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    Dr. Greger, you’re great. 🙂

  • Wahid Ur Rahman Saadi Post author

    Dr. Gregor, you should post more videos…….I really think you should do this more often. Not only for people in USA but for the whole world. Love from Bangladesh 👍


    hey doc, thank you for the great contribution you have made to humanity!

    will you be posting any research on the 'plant meats' (eg beyond meat, impossible burger,) any time soon? thanks!

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    QUESTION: is non organic produce so detrimental to our health that if we can’t afford organic we should stop eating fruits and veggies all together?

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    Why would you boil a lemon? Who funds these studies?

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    An apple a day really keeps doctors away

  • Banana Phone Post author

    I can't help but wonder how a smoothie with just these ingredients would taste…

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    Is the implication that heating any of these fruits/vegetables, for example steaming my broccoli, I will lose the DNA repair benefits?

  • haku Post author

    unrelated question on iodine:
    what is the evolutionary basis for eating iodine? considering we evolved as gatherer-hunters for about 100'000 years as far as i know, mostly foraging plant foods in the wild and some hunting especially when necessary. we weren't always by the sea side, we didn't always eat fish, we didn't always eat algae (i would assume)

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    so is it the juice or the flesh or the lemon peel?

  • Susan B Post author

    01:50. Lemons, persimmons, strawberries, broccoli, celery, and apples!!

  • reinux Post author

    Have you seen the recent Kurzgesagt video? They still practically claim there's no way to know what's good for you.

  • blueberry11051 Post author

    Garlic, onion, Berries, Wal Nuts (Pecans), cruciferous (beyond Broccoli) where are they? And Kiwi Fruits, sure!

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    when lives give you lemons: repair dna

  • AheadoftheHerd Post author

    Always love learning something new!

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    Good thing I don´t cook lemons….

  • UPRISING 144K Post author

    It appears that molecular hydrogen also helps dna 🧬 repair, check out the 2019 lourdes hydrofix, it’s amazing. If u want a link on a blood sample before and after, just ask and I can share.

  • Millo1868 Post author

    How about limes instead of lemons? Does the lemon need to be eaten in its entirety?

  • Murat Akyuz Post author

    Love the videos Dr. Gregor. What do you think about the beyond meat sausages, burgers, etc. Thanks

  • Bleach Sushi Post author

    can you make a video on grassfed animals?? it would be greatly appreciated

  • E Pearson Post author

    Eating lemons or juicing? Confused 🤔

  • ELIAKIM Joseph Sophia Post author

    Thank you, I used to suck lemons when I was a baby, my parents found that strange. I was body intuitive from birth.

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    That was a nice intro!

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    Do some study on watercress baldy.. dont forget to look at more studies

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    Just say "f**k it" and juice them all!!

  • David Müller Post author

    Now I have a exvuse to eat raw lemmons:)
    For some reason it makes you not hungry super fast, but it makes water taste sweet after :3

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