100 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: #1 Anticancer Vegetable

  • Love,Peace, Happy Post author

    Give it a study about weeds, like stinging nessel, gootweed …I think they have more vitamins and nutrtions like normal vegetables

  • Curtis 23 Post author

    Good work … Doc

  • Renae Selix Post author

    A little confused on the carrots as I’ve seen drinking carrot juice “like mad”, in curing cancer?

  • Frank Black Post author

    I saw that Yellow Onions were on the list, but not Red Onions. I know in your previous videos you have said that the "purple foods" (red onions being one) are better for you and it you had a choice to go with the "purple version". I'm guessing they are absent from these results because they just weren't part of the tests. Would that "assumption" be correct? Thanks for the great information Dr. Gregor.

  • I’m_Lonely You’re_Lonely Post author

    I knew it was going to be Spinach and Garlic. But the others I got wrong.

  • Rayan K Post author

    What do you conclude? Do we eat garlic raw or cooked? How much and how frequent? I’m sure they had a number for that to do the tests.

  • Английский Умник Post author

    Full study PDF.

  • Jennifer Paul Post author

    What about canned beets?

  • juancho guzman Post author

    People like me that enjoy his videos can clearly notice there is something off with his voice and energy please vegans eat a little meat from time to time people don't have to know just do it for your health.

  • GrummanPilot99 Post author

    I'm wondering about all those vegetables that are over 100% and fuel cancer grow? What's up with that

  • Plant Maven Post author

    I hope onions are grouped with garlic; I won't touch garlic and I don't care how good it is. It's offensive and 3rd world.

  • Android Post author

    Your sound is too low, cant hear anything. But the chime of your intro is piercing loud to the point of destroying my ear drums! You need get your audio in order..

  • MotherfuckingDesiree Post author

    Dr. Greger is my boo.

  • Kailen Howard Post author

    I know white people aint getting enough garlic

  • Getting There Vegan Post author

    I would love to see some info on vitamin K2.

  • Perla Serrano Post author

    I knew I should have bought garlic today. Damn. Thanks Dr. Greger! 🙂

  • barfff Post author

    what method or preparation for these vegs are best for absorption and maximized nutrition?

  • Jo Drew Post author

    That nugget of info is the rosetta stone of nutritional health. Thx Dr.G

  • A G Post author

    I now eat raw garlic on a daily basis and at first people complained about my smell, but eventually they got used to it and have stopped complaining about it. Perhaps it was because I kept explaining how it helped to prevent cancer and maybe they were tired of hearing about it.

  • Meagan Collins Post author

    Spinach is not salad!

  • efivos Post author

    Does this apply for cooked veggies as well?

  • wjade Post author

    Super valuable video. Should be played as headline news.

  • ffter888 qT Post author

    Dr. Greger, I just want to point out that Youtupe is suppressing this video by lower the volume and speed of your voice, make it sounds very timid and hard to hear. By the way, excellent video!!!

  • Scott Gabelman Post author

    I started watching your channel because of this video! True unbiased research About fighting cancer!

  • João Coelho Post author

    Great content! Garlic an onion are so delicious and healthy that fill my heart with joy.

  • Adnan A Post author

    Time to load up on spinach 💪

  • Rathernot Disclose Post author

    Good news for me. I'm in love with beets, garlic, and spinach lol

  • Myah C Post author

    Great video! Your energy and writing style Dr. Greger have surely come along way! Nevertheless great information as always!

  • Enrico Colombo Post author

    I love you Dr. Greger.

  • Tomas Jelinek Post author

    garlic, onion , spinach, beet, cruciferous vegetables FTW!

  • A. K. Post author

    That's funny I just watched the older video about this yesterday thank you for striving to get the message out you really do care and it shows!

  • Karen S Post author

    Crazy, I just watched this yesterday! Is garlic also number one for ovarian cancer?

  • Sophie Post author

    Very interesting 💚🌿

  • Chandra Post author

    Sri, why don't you rank the vegetables when it comes to anticancer!!!

  • Frank Coleman Post author

    You nailed it! Fantastic research based advice!
    Clear and concise. What more is there to say?

  • Sylricka Foster Ruwadi Post author

    I love this format! Thanks, Doc!

  • L Post author

    why is there only one box to check with cruciferous veg on the daily dozen app if cruciferous veg is so good?

  • Gaming Power Post author

    How much garlic though? It's hard to chow down on garlic..

  • Berlin Wall Post author

    That's why the doc recommended my mum to drink beet juice

  • Jeff Lebowski Post author

    This is my favorite video from Dr Greger, the "Which Fruit Fights Cancer Better?" video is my second favorite.

  • tamcon72 Post author

    Great video, with a great reminder to eat a larger variety of veggies. But the pronunciation of radicchio was killing me: It's rah-dee-kee-o. TFP!

  • Das Kässpätzle Post author

    This video deserves more than just one thumb up 😉

  • Nameless Post author

    You have to start eating them before
    Cancer knocks at your door!.

  • prashanthigirl Post author

    Awesome vid!!

  • Sowiso4 Post author

    Is Arugula that bad or was it just not tested ?

  • Hulagu Kahn Post author

    Raw, fermented or both?

  • Duy Nguyen Post author

    You have been lies to all your life. Vampire does not fear garlic they love them.

  • Cathy Lynn Pietranton Post author

    Thank you Doctor Greger for your knowledge and information. Cancer does run in my family. I did pick spinach and broccoli.

  • Lilia Sidorenko Post author

    Dr. Greger , thank you for all you do, God sent you in my life ..

  • brucolerba Post author

    The sound of Radicchio is RadiKKio. It is an italian word.. And as an italian I feel compelled to underline this

  • small footprint Post author

    Wow. I like that. Makes the info really clear.

  • Massimo Carcavallo Post author

    A on the video D on the pronunciation of Radicchio . https://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/pronunciation/english/radicchio

  • Michelle Post author

    But if the spinach and garlic are cooked are they still as effective??

  • elena rh Post author

    Can you please make a video about the gut/digestive problems That big vegan youtubers (rawvana, bonny Rebecca etc) have cited as reason to no longer be vegan?

  • Blankname Post author

    Spinach is high in oxalates, spinach is great for causing issues within your gut, don't fix an issue prevent it.

  • eddie pan Post author

    Yes! Validated what I learned since 2017. Keeping it going

  • David Mcgregor Post author

    That research doesn't mean the other vegetables won't help you with non cancer disease and conditions.

  • Steve Silver Post author

    What to do if one has acid reflux/GERD and needs to avoid onions and garlic?

  • NC RC Post author

    I just wondering if supermarkets didn't exist if we could eat this variety of foods from across the world…

  • Luw Men Post author

    I wonder if this could be forwarded to Alex Trebek?

  • jofenbat Post author

    Thanks a ton Dr. Greber. What a Champ!! you are!! Thanks for your outstading work, not only researching for latest studies, but presenting them to us with suspense and joy!!!

  • Dustin Hartlyn Post author

    Wait – what about Leeks?!?! It tied or beat the garlic in all the comparisons. I had no idea it did so well against cancer. I love garlic but knew about it's properties, I will be adding leeks to my shopping list.

  • Club Sanjuichi Post author

    What if we cook them though? How does the effect change?

  • C M Post author

    Awesome Video. Thank you so Much

  • BabylonianDynamics Post author

    Popeye was right smh

  • Ali Arsenal Post author

    Doctor, which vegetables and vitamins would you suggest for Hyperthyroidism disorder? I have hair falls and feel weak all day. Please make a video on that.

  • LightningStrikes66 Post author

    What about Sweet Potatoes? Or Malokai?

  • Allan Williams Post author

    Great presentation: Just two critiques of the paper: 1. There are no control cells i.e. do the vegetable juices also inhibit proliferation, differentiation or function of healthy prostate or healthy stomach cells etc at the same concentrations/incubation times tested on the cancer cells. 2. A true cell count in each well is lacking (the authors used a proliferation assay that is mitochondria based and plated between 2500-5000 cells/well) -that's a large margin of error, VERY large – up to 100%. To counter this the authors could have assayed the amount of genomic DNA (using the PicoGreen® assay) in each dish and expressed their results as cell no/ DNA – this would account for any cell number differences in each well of their multi-well plates and would normalize the data to cell number as wells with 5000 cells will give a higher reading than wells with only 2500 cells, regardless of the vegetable extract added. Perhaps future work could investigate the effects of the lead (most impressive anti-cancer) vegetable extracts in pre-clinical models of cancer. What about combinations of vegetable extracts or perhaps extracts added at different times? I'm sure they could find an MSc/PhD student/lab technician to give months of fun to.

  • GuacamoleKun Post author

    Does dried garlic work, or only fresh garlic?? I should still eat more fresh garlic.. it's delicious but I have a hard time knowing where to put it.

  • Sophia Eleftheria Post author


  • Sophia Eleftheria Post author


  • Sophia Eleftheria Post author


  • Sophia Eleftheria Post author


  • Vivian canela Post author

    What book is this

  • calbalu51 Post author

    Excellent information backed by scientific graphical evidence. Cheers

  • Alex Laverty Post author

    What study is this video citing? Anyone got a link?

  • Erdem Kaya Post author

    Wow, great video

  • whats up Post author

    is there a difference when the vegetables are cooked against when their raw?

  • R W Post author

    I 💙 🍎🍊🍋🍌🍍🍅🍓🍒🌶🌽🥕🍄🥒🥑🍇🍏🍈

  • Battery9876 Post author

    How does this translate in vivo? Some say for instance that carrots have anti cancer capability, or even cure cancer:

  • Russell Linthicum Post author

    Thank you , " food is our medicine " !  now if everyone would go organic vegetables.      "EAT LIVE FOOD TO LIVE, DEAD FOOD TO DIE ", one of my favorite quotes. Thanks to doctors like you,  we can get a better understanding of health , and quality life . You are a true doctor .

  • B Hath Post author

    Popeye was tryin to tell yall what was up yo

  • YankeeinSC1 Post author

    Can you produce a video and either refute or bolster the flood of claims that "micro greens are MORE NUTRITIOUS" than the plants they might grow up to be Most of these claims are being made by people selling seeds and supplies for micro green growing. Let's put their claims to the test!!!!

  • Erdem Kaya Post author

    How much garlic should we consume daily for protection? For treatment purposes?

  • Will Alvarez Post author

    OMG it's RA-DI-KIO

  • Mike Lisanke Post author

    Dr. Greger, Do you ever comment on negative side effects of eating healthy vegetables e.g. spinach oxalates? It always seams there's no free lunch when eating healthy :-p Best regards, Mike

  • Virtual Rara Post author

    Gratidão pelo conteúdo.

  • MRN Bricks Post author

    Excellent info. Presented a little slow.

  • elys3 Post author

    Carrots are helpful at supporting toxic estrogen detoxification, cucumbers are hydrating, tomatoes support healthy gums (via your own videos) so we shouldn't completely discount them as additions to these other options mentioned in the video.

  • Elias sd Post author

    Some research said, plants don’t like to be eaten and it produces toxic to protect them. I’m really confuse what to eat maybe soil only

  • nadya mantra Post author

    Radi key o Ra di keo not radichee o.

  • Roshea Post author

    5:50 for your answer

  • Katerina Post author

    This is gold

  • Silicon Valley Cyclist Post author

    Thank you for the helpful information in a great presentation!

  • Dana Sky Post author

    But spinach couse Kidney stone 😭😭😭

  • 123 k Post author

    Top video dr gregor👌
    Greatly presented.

  • Nile Post author

    Sound level is very low

  • ParadymShift Post author

    Hang on though, what if you're not already fighting cancer? Medicinal effect is not the same as preventative effect. Do we have any double-blind placebo controlled studies that test for whether dietary inclusion or increase in consumption of these vegetables consistently in a diet actually has an effect on lowering ones risk for cancer rate, as opposed to slowing down cancer that is already present?

  • Aleksandra Banaś Post author

    Thank you soooooo much for your videos!!!!!

  • Gabriela Kessler Post author


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