Fast Chinese Cucumber Salad

Fast Chinese Cucumber Salad

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Ingredients: a cucumber, a slice of garlic, some chilies, soy bean sauce, oil, salt Cut the two ends of the cucumber Use the flat side of the knife to crush the cucumber Then cut it into dices Repeat till all of the cucumber has been cut Add some salt Stir and then put it aside for 20mins Crush and peal the garlic and then cut it into dices Cut the chillies in the same way Put some oil in a wok, add the garlic when the oil is heated Fry until you smell the flavour of the garlic Add the chillies Fry for a short while then turn off the heat Add some soy sauce and fry for a few seconds Put the sauce in a bowl Get a plate Filter the liquid within the bowl of cucumbers and then move them to the dish Put the sauce over the cucumbers Enjoy!

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