Exclusive: Apple CEO Tim Cook talks coronavirus, working with Trump

Exclusive: Apple CEO Tim Cook talks coronavirus, working with Trump

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100 thoughts on “Exclusive: Apple CEO Tim Cook talks coronavirus, working with Trump

  • RandomRT Post author

    "Fixated on quality" -made in China 😂

  • Jef Damen Post author

    This guy speaks in code a lot.

  • Tex Johnson Post author

    Do you know that President Obama setup antipandemic programs in nearly 50 poor countries, as a frontline defence for situations such as this? So what has happened to these programs under the Trump Administration??? Well it has emerged that this INCOMPETENT, BUNGLING FOOL of a President (Donald "Scumbag" Trump), closed down 37 out of 47 anti-pandemic programmes in vulnerable countries around the world set up by President Obama to tackle just such a contagion. Trump closed these programs down simply because of his hatred for President Obama! This is what you get when you allow a racist, conman, to collude with a foreign power to STEAL an election!!!

  • iviewutoob Post author

    bring Apple Manufacturing back to the US

  • Information Act Post author

    Did he admit to releasing it yet with his buddy bill gates?

  • olrik parlez Post author

    Trump doesn't possess the qualifications to run anything more than what he was doing prior to his lucky bid for president…mainly engaging in a bumpy series of real-estate deals and shoddy self promotion

  • EasyYog11 Post author

    can move- with ballplayers- to Wuhan. Good luck to them.

  • Hal Fairbank Post author

    This idiot needs to be replaced by Susan Lee or someone else with common sense. I would not have even watched a minute of Cabuto if Susan's interview with T. Cook was not on his show.

  • jon davis Post author

    Steve Jobs built an awesome company!

  • David Motyka Post author

    I love Apple.

  • ctwatcher Post author

    He'll never feel it unless we mandate he walk among the Chinese he uses to make cheap stuff.

  • Hunter Jones Post author

    Oh no! I might not be able to get the latest Apple phone right away, I'll have to spend 20 hours a day staring at my 6 month old one instead…

    Who cares….

  • Americanpatriotmagafan Post author

    Build them in America, Cook. Listen to President Trump. He is much smarter than anybody in California.

  • jamesbee 1125 Post author

    He loves the Chinese cheap labor!

  • PARAEZFLY Post author

    More money then anyone on the planet.Still cant brush his teeth

  • Shawn Gifford Post author

    Like he cares about the slave shop workers in China..It's about not losing money Not life…..

  • Forasec Post author


  • Shawn Gifford Post author

    Just because you have money. Does not means most of the see's you as a Slave owner….. Go to China and work there if it's ok…

  • Albert Moore Post author

    Bleedin' Apple shoulda brought its manufacturing home long ago.

  • Demetrius Napavon Post author

    I hope this company goes under…. If they want to have a homosexual as their CEO, then I hope they go bankrupt and they all lose their jobs.

  • Donny Hawk Post author

    Looks like the smart CEO's are playing policy and not politics and jumping onto the Trump train!..Dems and Globalists are pushing a panic narrative …that will not last.

  • Trinity love2007 Post author

    Notice how the Corona Virus came about and the fear mongering soon after the failed swing of impeachment. Then suddenly the Democratic state is the first to declare an unnecessary state of emergency. Could it be that China is on the ringside of the Democrats. Would this not be China meddling in Politics to bring the economy down just before Elections.

  • gwynhvar Post author

    Tim Cook ‘wants to help the country every way’ he can then why all the manufacturing in China rather than here? He wants to ‘be a great citizen’ eh then manufacture here and take less profit.

  • Original 6 Hockey Post author

    China slave labor out of service.

  • Jens8502 Post author

    I like his attitude. Jeez, I might even switch from Android to Apple because of his stance on politics.

  • moosemieser Post author

    I can’t wait till China nationalizes apple and steals it like 3M…evil commies

  • Umbrella Corporation Post author

    Apple needs to die. Such a shitty company with garbage overpriced products.

  • Fred Neck Post author

    I wonder if Cook will vote for Bernie LOL!

  • Daisy Amos Post author

    Apple CEO Tim Cook on working with President Trump: Policies not politics…! “We work on intersections…like job creation & workforce education!

  • Dj Annunaki Post author

    Crook sounds like he has the Corona V…Crook knows who the Boss is! I think Crook is lying thru the skin of his teeth. Ricans for Trump!!! 2020!

  • PJ Nguyen Post author

    Tim Crook want cheap labor now time for his company get lost…. WHO CARE.

  • Mike Reiley Post author

    Tim your seeing the tip of the iceberg count your blessings that you moved some of your business out of China, Apple stock will sink further.

  • Gary Richmond Post author

    Did anybody see that chicken running across the street with women panties on

  • Charles Hull Post author

    Maybe Tim can virtue signal his way out of the mess. 🙄

  • Kimmy Foxworth Post author

    Apple could go rotten in china, does tim think everyone forgets how he supported ccp during hk protest?

  • Philo Jones Post author

    Screw the "supply chain." Repatriate Apple jobs back to the USA, where they belong.

  • Herbert Hanlen Post author

    The Coronavirus is not a joke, however the lethality is.
    China and Korea have a particular problem in that most of the problem is the population density in most of their cities.
    California could have the same problem in Los Angeles and San Francisco. If the virus gets into the homeless population, it could be bad. Most of that population isn’t healthy.

  • Santos Sumergida Post author

    What about Italy, Iran and many others country. But you don't care about Americans.

  • allan balan Post author

    Was Tim Cook sucking on a BLUE INK PEN ?, or is this a sign of Cyanide ??

  • mark hurst Post author

    apple forever!!!

  • T Allen Post author

    I hope a vacine is found before election time; so's we might give the voting machines a shot.

  • Zen Masta Post author

    If the worlds most valuable company isn't panicking about the coronavirus there is no way I'm going to believe ANYTHING the fake news turds have to say.

  • tristan Post author

    Tim Apple

  • Hotrods & Hunting w/ Jonathan Henninger Post author

    China: closed
    USA: open for business

    Wait we dont have real jobs anymore, and everyone works 3 jobs because no jobs were actually created after 2008, the next financial crisis just got started

  • April Harmony Post author

    I don't trust Tim Cook. No way.

  • Bright Star Post author

    Tim Apple worried he won't be able to sell $1000 phones we don't need, can't afford.

  • m ww Post author

    You reap what you sow.

  • Caswallon and Flur Post author

    Billy bob Gates likes apples. Yes?

  • Bill Smith Post author

    Bull crap they are going crazy they realize that they have made a deal with the Devil with there Chinese manufacturers. They are dependent on a supply chain that is manipulated and controlled buy a totalitarian government. And they are just now realizing just what kind of control this treacherous and dangerous evil cabal has over their product and their company. And they're stuck with it or lose 20% of their sales. You think the NBA is dependent no they were just greedy but Apple it's completely and totally possessed by these evil people. And they can no longer deny it to themselves and the world and if you own any of their stock I'd be getting rid of it as quick as possible. Because your money is in they hands and control of the Chinese communist government. and if you think that's a good thing you're an idiot.

  • jim M Post author

    Arch-Globalist sociopath Tim Cook still a very close ally of China's genocidal dictatorship, Apple helps China track and oppress dissidents, Uighurs, Tibetans! Apple prevents Chinese citizens from accessing foreign news and internet!

  • jim M Post author

    Basic "Differences" are President Trump is a human being, Tim Cook is a Sociopath!

  • Not Grass Post author

    Apple phones sales down but user/developer apps subscriptions is still up.. Indeed they are standing strong.

  • Miguel McGill Post author

    Tim Apple looks like my grandma

  • Jeanie Rides Post author

    No one gives a rats arse about apples problems

  • Hattie Pearl Post author

    Lol! That "CEO" is about to step down

  • star thrower Post author

    Apple now lives to profit for its shareholders. To hell with the culture otherwise.

  • David Brown Post author

    Tim Cook is a bigot who engages in hate speech. He's no more valuable to Apple than John Sculley or any of the doofi that followed him the position.

  • KRONOS 1957 Post author

    "Tim Apple" is full of sh!t.

  • Youngstown529 Post author

    Tim Apple …

  • KRONOS 1957 Post author

    Apple = overpriced, overhyped junk.

  • Joe Matthew Post author

    Could not enter India without a partner!?! I don't believe he's being completely honest on this point. What does Apple do in China? The government insists on having major control over any business in the country. My personal opinion is that for Apple to have branches in China they have to make sure they keep having the product manufactured in the country, so they had a sweet deal and didn't even consider India. I get the impression Cook is putting on a good and calm face but he realises that if things continue to disintegrate in China then Apple will be caught between a rock and a hard place and have to look elsewhere for manufacturing, and that is why he's now talking about India. At the end of the day it's unfortunate that a well established American brand is manufactured outside the US. This is one company amongst many that has contributed to the economic growth of China, which is disgraceful when you consider the cost of labour in the country and the clear human rights abuses. "How dare these companies and the UN", now there's something, with plenty evidence, for little Greta to find disgusting.

  • jhon doe Post author

    Tim Cook has over $600 MILLION!! He can afford medical masks at %500 mark up! he can afford inflated medicine, he will be one of the first to get a vaccine!! his family will survive this virus and make more money from the slave population that survives this!

  • jhon doe Post author

    Tim cook could collaborate with other billionaires to set up emergency factories in the US to make more medical masks but in the end Tim cook will only protect his wealth and his family

  • Marcus McIntyre Post author

    It's a shame – I like what he says, lot more than how Apple seem to actually operate,

  • 一二三四android四三二一 Post author

    Tim Cook's presence in China is basically that of a slaveowner.

  • Caroline Siegel Post author


  • Destiny tran Post author

    Supply chain should be diversified. The world should not rely too heavy on China for the main supplier. Did Tim Cook just said that they focus on quality. China is not where we should rely heavily on quality.

  • James R Post author

    THE END Mao Xi Dong.

  • Mark Madison Post author

    China made sense it was cheaper to send a package from China to your next door neighbor then to you ship a package to your next door neighbor since Bill Clinton. Trump changed that. Tax payers aren't promoting China over America. Made in China mean cheap and not worth buying. Will never buy an apple product except for the ipod I got back in 2007. Promote America not not sweat shops.

  • Ping Pong Post author

    Tim Crook

  • Dodd Garger Post author

    Reminds me of Pat from SNL

  • NPC #10101010101 Post author

    Tim Cook is SJW filth.

  • berniedmj1 Post author

    This is a wake up call for apple. Hello texas!!! More manufacturing buildings will be on the rise.

  • Munoken 23 Post author

    She bad af.

  • ALXXX Post author

    7:15 YOU do not WANt to create jobs! :))) I was a manager! you want to lower costs! do not eat crap! and by the way, LEAVING people behind???! WTF you went to China in the first place? because of fo taxes! well because fo taxes you came back! shut up!

  • TJ P Post author

    Cook is a nitwit.

  • Manakara Post author

    He needs to get out more among those carrying the virus. Mind you his drugs intake probably make him immune.

  • Jeannette Latour Post author

    The bubonic plague in the olden days came from Outer Space

  • I'm Your President Post author

    What's cooks excuse for charging so much for iPhones that does the same thing my Motorola G7 does? Using cheap Chinese parts and labor is supposed to cost less…right? People who overpay for his crap are idiots. Paying for a name.

  • Julia weber Post author

    He loves China so I bet he’ll go back

  • Gardenflower Post author

    Apple should come out of china.

  • kens 616 Post author

    These liberal news organizations are doing everything they can to stifle the stock market. Look at what the liberal news organizations like CNN, MSNBC and The New York Times and the rest of them are turning this into a political agenda. Keep one thing in mind that almost 60,000 people died in the United States from the general flu last year. This year alone 105 Children have died in the United States from the regular flu. I don’t see them calling that a pandemic The only pandemic I see is making this political when the left is calling this the Trump virus. They are slowing the economy and creating anxiety just to gain an advantage for the upcoming elections.

  • Ed Dee Post author


    Do you agree Sean “dropout hannity”, jenine “bad
    breath” parrot. Lora “holocoast” ingram and others.

  • Christopher Dyer Post author

    You have engineers? For what? Cleaning toilets? Because they can’t possibly be there to make “quality products”. As someone who has to use these tools everyday for video and photo they are the worst part of my job. Way to go Tim Cook.

  • Hugh Hughes Post author

    In my opinion
    This so tipical of the big corporate mentality of today.
    Instead of looking to bring some of the jobs back to AMERICA
    Apple will continue to USE China as china has become the manufacturer of the world. Something I predicted when I was in 8th grade.
    Apple will continue to put their eggs in 1 basket and now Apple will pay for that.
    Then their customer will pay for it.
    Apple should have 2 manufacturers to insure a nonstop stream of products incase one manufacturer has an issue.

  • Harris Anne Post author

    The BIG question. Tim are you listening? Are you a good guy or a bad guy? Yes, it's that simple!

  • Harris Anne Post author

    Folks! Listen up. It's clearly down to GOOD VS EVIL! I know what side I'm on and you?

  • Iz Cananua Post author

    China is moving factory to Africa, and other Asian countries.
    Quite possible a move to different country is still china.
    As long as our large companies are out sourced, USA only loses

  • tommy d u b b s Post author

    Hey Tim build them in America and stabilize you stock! America product should be in America!

  • Walter B Klingler Post author

    Apple and Chinese two peas in a pod

  • Peyote Pete Post author

    Ol' Tim is full of it. His slave labor socialist supply chain is dieing off and so are his profits

  • Giveme Areason Post author


  • kuntala k Post author

    Tim apple

  • SB Xi Post author

    Apple open its data center to CCP policemen to censor for Chinese users and this is doing devils… if Apple got rotten it is not a surprise…apple got its return

  • Alfredo Forte Post author

    I hear Tim Cook and Apple moving BIG into lube…😎

  • SB Xi Post author

    Apple does not focus on integrity, freedom and human right if you understand TIM talked about… wtf !

  • SB Xi Post author

    Yeah, non political but you kowtowing to Cummunists in China 🇨🇳 the CCP … fxxk you TIM cook

  • hotneo7 Post author

    Apple is going to tank as not just the corona virus disrupt supply lines, but the optics of videos coming from China of citizens welded into their homes under forced quarantine and their doors chained under house arrest. Satellites show a spike in sulphur which is the cremation of bodies. Who knows how many died while lock at home without food and medicine? Apple is going to get rocked as long as they stay in China. Apple needs to get the hell out of China and put the jobs in America where it should be.

  • Santanu Guha Post author

    He Who run sweatshops in China

  • seahawks 12man Post author

    Who cares if everything is down in the market first thing we need to focus on is A a cure for the Coronavirus, this is a scary virus 🦠 and I’m scare everyday! And this rich people still talking about there stupid business stfu

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