Easy Korean Pickle Celery 샐러리 장아찌 황금비율 [뉴질랜드 이민생활 브이로그] #PickledCelery #Jangajji

Easy Korean Pickle Celery 샐러리 장아찌 황금비율 [뉴질랜드 이민생활 브이로그] #PickledCelery #Jangajji

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Hi, I’m nztwitter. Today, I’m going to make a pickled Celery.
I’m going to make it. I think celery would be good for a portion of western food.
Jangaji, made with Korean recipe seasoning, is a very delicious side dish for the rice. The aroma and texture that spread in your mouth, and the texture that is crunchy, keeps on eating.
It’s a little bit of a feel-good feeling, so let’s go make it. Ingredientls are as follows: I showed you how to make anchovy stock at the Janchi Guksu recipe.
If you haven’t seen it, make sure to look at the recipe. I’ll put the card on your right. Remove the anchovies poo and stir-fry them over low heat.
Be ready. Add 500ml of water at the stir-fried anchovy pot. Boil broth over high heat in cold water. When the water starts to boil, reduce the heat to medium and simmer for another 15 to 20 minutes. I’ll cut the celery for preparing while the anchovy stock is ready.
Cut off the part where the stem is not fresh and Cut the steam between 1cm to 3cm intervals. We can also eat celery leaves with pork belly or pork blade when we have a bbq.
We use it together with other vegetables.. The celery leaves were so tough that’s why people threw them away without eating them.
Put it in. The scent is thicker, and the taste is good. I’m going to boil you some Zhang Ah Chi stock, but first, I’m going to sieve the anchovy stock and pour it into the pot. Put 300ml of soy sauce in anchovy stock.
Add 100ml of sugar. Bring to a boil over the gas add after boiling a bowl of Jangajji. stock Prepare 100 ml of vinegar to add Then, put celery leaves on the floor in a glass bowl first.
Prepare celery on top of celery leaves. Put 100ml of vinegar in a boiled pickle celery stock. Stir well. on top of the celery in a glass bowl
Boil a little bit and mix the vinegar and do not cool down the pickle celery broth. Pour it in. And use a wooden spatula to press well so that the celery can be immersed in the broth Clean up the broth that I spilled while pouring the pickle celery stock I leave it outside for a day, and I keep it in the fridge for a day.
And from day three, I put it in my husband’s lunch box and eat it as a side dish. It’s started. With a wooden spatula, squeeze the celery to soak in the broth again.
Well, I’m done making pickle celery today. It’s a really good thing. You know celery’s good for our diet.
It’s not complicated so try it. If my video was useful, don’t forget the like buttons.
If you’re interested in my next video, please press the subscription button Have a happy, healthy and peaceful day today.

14 thoughts on “Easy Korean Pickle Celery 샐러리 장아찌 황금비율 [뉴질랜드 이민생활 브이로그] #PickledCelery #Jangajji

  • 사토랑토♥️satorangto Post author

    샐러리 완죤 좋아하는 뇨자 일인ㅋㅋ
    장아찌 담그는건 첨봐여😯😯
    맛이 어때여? 한번 맛보고 싶네여ㅋㅋ
    진짜 굿인가여ㅋㅋ👍👍👍😍😍

  • Min's민남매 Post author

    목소리 넘 이쁜거 아닌가요

  • Min's민남매 Post author

    그지 언니.김치가 메인데.김치가 없구나 ㅠㅠ 아쉽네.포기김치 거기서 사려면 비쌀텐데 그리고 맛도 덜하고.아쉽네

  • 남희의 집밥 Post author

    사진보니 젊고 멋지세요 샐러리 장아찌 넘 맛있어요 만들진 않았는데 식당가서 자주 먹었어요~
    뉴질랜드 경치가 그렇게 아름답다고 아직 못가봤어요 ㅎㅎ

  • JubileeJJ 쥬빌리JJ Post author

    샐러리 몸에도 좋은데 장아찌로 만들다니 정말 좋은 아이디어인데요? 맛있겠어요!! 이번 자막 스타일 너무 예뻐요 트위터님😍

  • SENA Kim 세나킴 Post author

    샐러리로 장아찌 담는건 첨봤어요 한번 해봐야겠네요^♡^
    알람우리면 올께요^^

  • TastyFactory맛팩토리 Post author

    생각만해도 향이 느껴 지네요~셀러리 짱아찌 맛 있어보여요~

  • 봉자언니 Post author

    샐러리장아찌 맛은
    멸치 육수넣어
    담백하고 맛날것
    한번 저도 해봐야
    자주와서 배울게요
    제채널에도 놀러오세요

  • TiffanyDream티파니드림 Post author

    샐러리 정말 좋하하는데, 장아찌로 해볼 생각을 못했네요.
    아삭아삭하고 멸치육수가 들어가 감칠맛나는 장아찌일것 같아요!^^

  • 조금숙 Post author

    도전해봐야겠어요. 만들어놓으면 유용한 것을..

  • 똥손엄마 쉬운한끼 easy one meal Post author

    이야. 샐러리 장아찌 처음봐요^^샐러리 원래 좋아하는데..좋은영상 감사합니당👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • tv푸룻 Post author

    저도,가끔은 양파나 고추는 장아찌는 하는데 샐러리로는 처음 보네요~한국은 샐러리가 흔한게 아니어서 더 그럴지도요

  • 워니워니맘 Post author

    노출된 영상 시청해보네요😁

  • 듬뿍요리샘 Post author

    샐러리들 피클 만들대 넣어서 같이 만들어 봤어요
    이런 방법도 있었네요
    짱아찌는 생각을 못 했네요

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