Crunchy Vegetable Nuggets   – By Vahchef @

Crunchy Vegetable Nuggets – By Vahchef @

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hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at You know the other day one of my friend bought
these vegetable nuggets at this store which is a very popular you know fast food outlet and I just tasted they
were terrible so I decided to make how to make the
vegetable nuggets very nice tasty and little masaledar so let’s go ahead and learn how to make
this. For most of the vegetable nuggets, you know we add this boiled potatoes, grate them just the way how we make our aloo paratha and all of it, in that i’m
going to add vegetables which are you know chopped fine but not cooked boil or
anything this one’s like carrots let them be raw, chopped beans green peas, these are boiled and i’m
going to add some corn also these sweet corn they are blanched. Now in this we’re
going to add a some pepper powder chopped parsley if you want you can also replace it with
chopped coriander to give a nice Indian flavor and in this add salt and i’m going to add some curry
powder or if you want you can also add some garam masala just to flavor a
little bit this vegetable nuggets I’m sure you’re
keeping your kids in mind so add some mix herb you know you can
even use Oregano, thyme or mix herb if you can get it or if you can make it
by mixing couple of herbs that will give very nice flavor to this now this is going to be vegetable nuggets and if fry them they will be slightly dry inside but if you’re going to add some cheese into it it is too much they will burst open and
come out so I add very little any processed cheese do not add too much of this cheese and
also i’m going to add some grated paneer this will balance out the flavors and
tastes now in this add one or two teaspoons of all-purpose flour just to give a binding not too much and
give it a nice binding and also make them light add some fresh bread crumbs you know
this is fresh bread just put it in the blender and grind them so you’ll have these bread crumbs now
we’re going to mix all of this together and make it into it dough now look at this; this is nice and stiff
like a dough perfect but the most important thing
whenever you’re making you know in such a big lot is to taste the mixture because once you roll them fry them and if you don’t find it tasty then you can’t do anything just taste the mixture perfect everything’s perfect the salt, the flavor everything is good. Now we’re going to
convert them into nice nuggets and you know nowadays whenever you give them the food lot of
food bread coated, the kids recognized by the shape so make them squares or
small roundels in the shape of the nuggets which are sold in the market. Now you know make this dough into you know like a chocolate bars and with the knife or
even with a spatula just tap it and then you can be able to cut into squares very
easily now these little nuggets are almost
ready but we need to bread crumb or cracker crumb them so i’m going to make
a light that is a you know instead of eggs we can use this all-purpose flour and corn flour mixture, just take equal quantities just mix this; add very little water and
make it into a thick paste now add some hot water, this way this batter will not be fully cooked but
it will be perfectly done I want to add some more hot water now
look here this is become slightly diluted than how I want this mixture to
be now in this if you want you can add some bread crumb that will absorb the
water and this will be a very good for coating your nuggets now take these nuggets dip in this
batter then put it in the crumb and then just coat them you know you can use bread crumb or the
cracker crumb like I’m doing it’s up to you; just crumb these nicely and then just fry it in hot oil like around 170 degrees centigrade
should be fine now look at this vegetable nuggets well they’re perfect and I want to cook
them till they get a nice coloring you know you should remember the
vegetables inside we put raw so you can you take a bite you will get
the freshness of the vegetables but when you go and buy these from the stores my
god what disaster they were; now look at them now they are perfectly cooked and
look at the color nice and golden; and inside I’ll show you how it looks inside, look at this you know even when you break open this
nugget you will see the fresh vegetables just done so they are not only super
tasty but you can be confident that this is not just a fried food but even though it is fried, the vegetables is everything inside is fresh so you can happily feed your kids and wow you know I just tasted them and they’re super super yummy oh hmm wow.. you know the mix herb, I think
slightly in the mix herb also oregano is dominating, oregano is my favorite and I am loving it baby i’m loving it Dear friends super super super awesome but do not forget vahrehvah is all about inspiring others
to cook so please put your recipes and cooking tips at so others can benefit from your great cooking thank you. Yamma yamma ok

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