5 thoughts on “Clayton residents creeped out by men going door-to-door with vegetables

  • Honey Lovee Post author

    Well if it has been confirmed that they do not really work for or with the diabetes association, show their faces so people are aware 😑creepy and I can bet I know why their faces weren't shown🙄🙄

  • Brad Roberts Post author

    Sounds like a sex prank…

  • robert shuman Post author

    They cased you out,police should go to their house,ask their wives, for some"salad",ask a black guy,what 'salad bowl'means,or the intruders, wives?

  • silentone503 Post author

    How else are we supposed to get fresh vegetables?

  • Mr. Mister Post author

    Let me show you how to toss a salad lol, people play too much

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