Can You Ice Cream Vegetables?

Can You Ice Cream Vegetables?

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– [Voiceover] We are here in downtown LA , at the Salt & Straw kitchens, about to make some
vegetables into ice cream. (techno jazz music) I’m willing to do anything – [Voiceover] Cover up your hair. – Yeah, looking nice. (techno jazz music) This is very green; I see a lot of green. Let’s get rid of these herbs.
– Okay. – And by get rid of them I
mean put them into ice cream. – Use em, eat em, yum them. – Okay, my hands are so clean
and ready to touch herbs. I see brownies, I’m trying not to get
distracted by the brownies. So, the lemon grass has been bruised, we’ve got all the herbs
with all their stems and they’re going into a simple syrup, water and sugar, equal parts? – Water and sugar, equal parts. – Reduce down. This much herb is gonna
make how much ice cream? – Like, this much ice cream. A pint of ice cream, it’s gonna be an herby pint of ice cream. – Yummy, right?
– Yeah! Oh, well that smells fragrant. I feel like I’m in the kitchen of some Thai restaurant, right here. I can’t believe this is
gonna go in the ice cream. It’s crazy, man, that’s crazy! We’re gonna chop some herbs, I see mint. We’re cutting up a cucumber right now so that we can juice
it, keeping the skins on ’cause that’s where all
the nutrition lives. This is very nutritious ice cream. – You see that color, they
call that color chartreuse. – This is chartreuse. This is some green
juice that I don’t think they’re gonna be selling in
all those pressed juice places. Tyler, what is is time to do? – It’s time to go spin ice cream. – You heard the man. – It’s kinda gross looking…
– I love it. – but it’s magic, beautiful! – It’s just like ‘Ghostbusters’. Look, Mom, I’m making ice cream. – Oh, I pressed it
before you, I’m so sorry. – Oh, it’s okay, it’s okay. – I ruined the magic! – It’s okay. It’s okay.
– No, perfect! Oh yeah! Okay, now we’re gonna make
a carrot watermelon sorbet. I don’t know what the official
name of it is, oh yeah, it’s called Carrot Watermelon Sorbet. We’re just gonna remove the
skins from the watermelon. Look how pretty these carrots
are, here are the vegetables. Chopping carrots, as you can
see the skin is still on. You know how a lot of
people peel their carrots, I feel like that’s unnecessary, especially if they’re organic. So, we have watermelon and
now I’m adding carrots, and we’re gonna juice this baby. Lime juice, like, that much?
– A little more. – A little bit more.
– A little more. – A little bit more.
– There. – Okay.
– Perfect. – This is kosher salt. – You can feel it in
your fingers, you know. – We like to feel it, you take this much? – Yeah, perfect. Salt brings out flavor, even in ice cream, especially in sweet. (Whir) What’s up Doc, watermelon carrot juice.
– Yum. – I tried to perfect my
handwriting in elementary school and it was all for this reason, Because I’m about to
label an ice cream pint. (techno jazz music) I’m not going to add food coloring, today, to the Green Fennel & Maple. We’re gonna use this fennel.
– Let’s use it. – Look, how fun, we’re
gonna use it’s fronds. – All of it.
– All of it! – We want the green in
the Green Fennel & Maple. – I’m not a fennel fan.
– Really? – You’re gonna have to
win me over with this. I don’t love you. Fennel fronds, fennel stems,
– All of it. – Oh, your maple syrup is
so fancy it’s in glass. You can’t even see me through
this thing, it’s that dark. – Like that’s…
– However much you want. – How ever much I want? Tyler…
– Just keep going, go for it. – do you know who you’re talking to? – Add until I say something. – Your talking to someone
who really likes sugar! – That’s good, right there. – Three turns, there’s a lot less maple
syrup in this bottle, now. Fennel…
– Delicious! – Fennel and maple, together at last. It’s like watching your laundry dry, except, so much more exciting. This part’s very important,
where you taste it, just to make sure it’s okay. – It’s okay, it’s fennely. Hey, I like fennel,
apparently I do like fennel when it gets married to
a little maple syrup. How did this happen? How did this happen? We made herbs and
vegetables into ice cream, and it works. Just add a little sugar, a little cream and make it into ice cream. (techno jazz music)

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