Caillou – Caillou Hates Vegetables  (S01E03) | Videos For Kids

Caillou – Caillou Hates Vegetables (S01E03) | Videos For Kids

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You’re getting to be a big boy. I’m just a kid who’s four. Each day I grow some more. I like exploring. I’m Caillou. So many things to do. Each day is something new. I’ll share them with you. I’m Caillou. My world is turning, changing each day, with mommy and daddy I’m finding my way! Growing up is not so tough, except when I’ve had enough. But there’s lots of fun stuff. I’m Caillou, Caillou, Caillou, I’m Caillou. Eh heh heh heh heh… That’s me Grandma. This is dinner time, not story time. Well, this is a story about dinner time? and eating your vegetables. Back when Caillou was just three years old, he didn’t like vegetables very much. In fact, he hated them. Caillou, eat your vegetables. Grandpa will be coming soon to take you to the park. But you can’t go to the park if you don’t finish your vegetables I hate vegetables. I want chocolate chip cookies. Cookies are for dessert, Caillou… Found some. You can have a cookie after you finish your vegetables. Hnm I love vegetables. Eat my vegetables, Daddy. Oh no you don’t. At least try to eat your vegetables, Caillou. Grandpa’s here. Come on, Caillou. Let’s go to the park. I’m going to the park with Grandpa. …and after the park, we’ll go see Grandma. She’s making us supper. Woooow. A caterpillar. Caterpillars eat leaves so they can have the energy to turn into butterflies. Turn into butterflies? What’s the bird doing, Grandpa? It’s looking for worms to eat. Worms give them the energy they need to fly south for the winter. And squirrels eat nuts. They save them up for later when it gets too cold to go outside. Come here, Squirrel. We’re home – and we’re hungry as bears. That’s because we are bears. Rowwwwr. Peas and carrots. Yummy. Bears eat berries. Tonight, these peas and carrots are our berries. Roooaaar. Roooaaar. I’m a bear. Rooooooaaaaaaar. Rooooooaaaaaaar. Later that night, Mom and Dad dropped by to pick up Caillou. And how was Caillou today? Rooooooaaaaaar. I’m a bear. I’m a bear too. And we both ate all our vegetables. We ate our berries, Grandpa. And that means it’s time for – Cookies…

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