Autophagy-Activating Taco Salad (Keto Friendly!)

Autophagy-Activating Taco Salad (Keto Friendly!)

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I’m gonna share with you today an autophagy
activating taco salad that’s so delicious. It’s gonna help your body to
burn fat. So, most of you have never heard of the word autophagy but auto “self” phagy
“to eat” is what autophagy is all about It’s such a powerful process that you
have inside of your body, that it won the Nobel Prize in medicine in 2016. I had
the incredible honor of interviewing the Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi,
this past December. And I have a video of it so you can click on that link after
you’re done watching this. Ready to get started?
Taco salad here we come. This is a really easy recipe and it’s just for one, so you
can obviously make more if you want. So, I’m gonna start with- this is about 2
cups of lettuce and it’s also very good from a ketogenic perspective, because
you’re getting that roughage and you’re going to be adding 1/4 of a cup of black
beans. I want to keep my body ketogenic because when it’s ketogenic, its
activating more autophagy, but I also want to be able to have a variety of all of
the important nutrients that I need every day. So, for the 25% of you that are
not carb sensitive or carb intolerant you can add more beans if you want, but
for the rest of us this is a great amount. Then, what I’m gonna do is I’m
going to add the good fats of the avocado. Got about half of an avocado
chopped up right here it’s so delicious and I’m gonna add 2 tablespoons of this
homemade salsa. You don’t have to make it at home. You can just you know use an
organic form of salsa because you know the tomatoes are heavily sprayed. Now,
here’s where it’s gonna get really exciting. We’re gonna add my favorite
cilantro, which is such a detoxifying herb. So what I’ve got is a tablespoon of
avocado oil here I always cut my salad dressing with half
of our organic MCT oil or our whole food MCT oil. So here is 1/2 tablespoon I’m
gonna add an entire tablespoon, because this can double your production of ketones in
just four hours, and it’s like your shortcut to keeping
those ketone bodies up nice and high. then I’m gonna add a pinch of my sea
salt. Again, very important to get the right amount of sodium. I’m going to add
half of a lime. Here let me do this up here so you can see a little bit better.
Okay, half of a lime. You’re getting the electrolytes that come with this, the
vitamins, the nutrients, it’s incredible to think about how powerful food can
really be. And more and more what we’re seeing with the science is that food has
an immediate impact on your well-being an immediate impact on your whole body
metabolism. Meaning not just your energy metabolism, but every single chemical
function in your body. We’re gonna add a quarter of a teaspoon of cumin. This is
your fat burning’ salad dressing that no one’s even going to know what’s in it,
because it’s so delicious. An MCT oil is very non-flavorful, right? It’s just sort
of bland, but the avocado oil covers that, while giving you these extra powerful
benefits. So, I’ve just mixed up. This took me what, five minutes. And the best part
about the autophagy activating taco salad are the broccoli sprouts. They help to
detox your body they activate the autophagy very effectively. I hope you really love this recipe as much as I do.
I love to be able to share any moment where we can get more MCTs into our body
without knowing, number one. And I’m sure you’ve never really thought
much about autophagy activating foods, but the energy, the well-being, the youth that
you get from the salad, with just some simple tweaks. And they’re all delicious
tweaks makes it totally well worth it. We typically think about autophagy as a
process of not eating or intermittent fasting, which I love. All sorts of
fasting. But what you can find is there are truly autophagy activating foods, and
here are just a few of them in my book Glow 15. I probably got 200 of them and
if you like this video hit subscribe. I’ve got so many other autophagy
activating and keto recipes for you to enjoy. And so many interesting interviews,
but what I really want is for you to start coming up with autophagy
activating recipes yourself and please share them

11 thoughts on “Autophagy-Activating Taco Salad (Keto Friendly!)

  • Alexandra Nicole Post author

    Love the recipes, thank you.

  • Penélope Lavender Post author

    This is amazing thank you for this recipe. Never even heard of this. So thankful to follow you. I most definitely will have to listen in

  • Vesna Somero Post author

    Really enjoy your videos, and you speak in such a nice and calming way that it is pleasure to listen to you! Thank you!

  • Sandra Hyler Post author

    I wasn't aware that you can have beans or fruit on keto, I have been watching dr. Berg and Dr. Berry about keto

  • Girfriend Pick Up Your Sword Post author

    I was curious about the lectin issue as well. My husband has been following the Plant Paradox since Sept. 2018, he feels fantastic, of course that probably comes from significant weight loss, but eliminating lectins is a lot of work. Will you in the future address lectins?

  • Hula Girl Post author

    Nope. Not keto.

  • Madina Vadache Post author

    I can’t digest Tomato’s More on keto I don’t really want to eat them

  • simbad kadric Post author

    Discovered you on Impact Theory and started applying some of your suggestions immediately.
    Thanks for the value you provide.

  • aida rahman Post author

    Thanks for ur time to give us the delicious recipe🌺

  • Jo Vo Post author

    Thx for sharing. I've been making the occasional taco salad, though I have no beans and I include some grass-fed ground beef and about a 1/4 cup of grated cheese.

  • Gary Brown Post author

    I have no fat to loose what can I add to it

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