America’s Cheapest Family-Save Money on Groceries & Everything (2019) Live Debt Free!

America’s Cheapest Family-Save Money on Groceries & Everything (2019) Live Debt Free!

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Annette: You know I think the awesome thing about the way we live is that for so many years we had no idea that we were living
different from all the people around us. Steve: Well, they’ve got ham. They’ve got Pier 51 for $5.49 a pound. Annette: We had everything we wanted we were happy we were content and it wasn’t until we
started (publishing our printed newsletter in 2003) and that we realized we were so
different. Steve: The truth is our country and our world right now is experiencing the
downside of people living beyond their means. That means defaulted mortgages
families that are disrupted because of financial problems and we want to help
people stop that cycle. When you live within your means, when you live frugally, you’ve
got peace; you’ve got freedom; and you can pay your bills. And that is an incredibly
important aspect to our life. Annette: We have five kids; we pay cash for our cars; we
take debt-free vacations; we put our kids through school (college) with no loans; we spend three hundred and fifty dollars a month for groceries; and we paid off our first
house in nine years on an average income of $35,000 a year. Steve: We have everything we want, and if there’s something that we need that we don’t have, there’s always a
way to get it and not pay retail. So one of our mantras is, “Never pay retail.” Do
your research, find the things you want and you’ll be incredibly more satisfied
than going in debt. Frugality gives you freedom. And that’s the message we want
to share with everybody is that you can have the things in life that you want,
but you don’t have to go in debt for them. Annette: Another one of our mantras is, ” Debt destroys but Frugality Frees!” That’s it, it’s really simple but America hasn’t gotten that yet.
Steve: We’ve gotten letters from people all over the world saying that the stuff
that we’ve written has really helped them save money, put money away for
family things and really improve their quality of life. We’re actually living
the American dream in a very Un-American way . . . Without debt. And we’re convinced
that anybody can do what we do and some can even do it better!

100 thoughts on “America’s Cheapest Family-Save Money on Groceries & Everything (2019) Live Debt Free!

  • Gawgeous Gyal Post author

    They obviously never lived in Florida. Low paying jobs, not much jobs, high rent and mortgage. You may save on grocery’s but you spend it on other important things .

  • Milagro Arce Post author

    i admire them because i do the same n my husband looks fo the savings we look for what i on sell like detergent for dishes soap like Irish Spring spring three bars for $0.99 if you buy three packs toothpaste Colgate $1.14 clothes wash $1.99 softener for a dollar 99 milk $2.79 a gallon orange juice a dollar 99-cents Florida orange juice or Tropicana ballpark frankfurters dollar 99th at ShopRite we go all over for sales

  • Miller Ford Post author

    This is like a infomercial testimonial

  • Christiane Montazer Post author

    Maybe cheap, but is it healthy? I heard him say “ham”!! If it’s cheap, it’s not organic and the animals raised are slaughtered in a really horrible and abusive way

  • BlackRose Post author

    That's exactly what I tell folks all the time, I'm just like them.

  • Ramy Post author

    The Asians does this for generations.

  • OJ Orcullo Post author

    This is how most Asian families are like. It's not called "cheap" it's smart.

  • msinvincible2000 Post author

    It takes a lot of discipline and organizing to do that! I live alone and I spend more for food than this family of 7! Bravi !

  • Sagisli Post author

    Debt is a soul crusher, but you also need to recognize the line between being frugal and tacky.

  • Yellow Submarine Post author

    So opposite from what I do lol I admire them

  • Mengmeng Di Post author

    That is how I live ! But my sisters call me cheap

  • Enzo T Post author

    I finally cut up my credit card!
    My Meijers charge would come in every month at a whopping 1ooo bucks plus. I always paid it off in full, but I wasn't really saving any money.
    I received our meijer credit card bill in the mail today and the total amount due is $135 dollars. I saved over 1000 dollars by cutting up my credit card last month!
    Now I'm violently attacking my mortgage. I have a 100k to go!

  • Big Money Grip Post author

    The title's wrong it should say America's smartest family

  • Henry Potter Post author

    Of all the cheapskate I have ever seen. You and your family are my favorite cheapskate. Ya'll smart with spending your money.

  • Stephanie Puffinburger Post author

    I don't see how this is real not saying they are lieing just saying where live also a huge factor. My family's highest income was 28,000 for 4 people and after elic, water, sewer, trash, rent, car insurance we need foodstamps to eat. Never go out to eat, never been on a vacation, never had a real wedding, don't buy new stuff only used,don'tpay for cable. How can I cut anymore corners.

  • Wendy Sybers Post author

    Boring way to live. I feel sorry for their kids

  • Dona Omar Post author

    That’s not being cheap. They’re so smart with their money.

  • Air Stream Post author


  • Dollar Diva Post author

    What a very nice couple ☺️

  • Kim Creamy98 Post author

    They have their point why they do that

  • Kelly V Post author

    Oh hell no one trip is 350 dollars at the store for the day

  • Dexter Morgan Post author

    So, conservatively… lets do some math…

    35,000 a year
    We will be VERY generous and say they pull 28,000 after taxes. I’m interested how they even got a home loan on that income TBH because I couldn’t even get approved for an apartment on that low of an income.
    Paid off their house in 9 years where they netted around $252,000.
    37,800 on groceries in 9 years.
    Gonna figure at least 22,000 in utilities. Let’s assume their house is 150k as the median home cost is 200k in the us (not even factoring in interest) and that they purchased at least 3 cars for a family that size in those years and that the cars were at least 5k each with a monthly insurance payment of $60 which is what I pay for a spotless driving record. They implied they sent their kids to college so we’ll say that’s an even 40k for college costs, clothes, books, toiletries for a family of 7 over 9 years.

    150,000 (house)
    +22,000 (utilities)
    +37,800 (food)
    +19,440 (car insurance)
    +15,000 (cars)
    +40,000 (clothes, toiletries, school/college)
    +10,000 (healthcare over 9 years)
    +10,000 (misc home, car, emergency costs)
    +10,000 (vacations/entertainment for a family of 7 over 9 years)

    That’s over 314,000 in expenses over 9 years and that’s exceptionally low as interest isn’t calculated on any of those expenses, every number is uber conservative and I’m going to assume I’ve missed expenses and at least a few categories are lower than what they spent. If they only made 252,000 how did they conservatively spend over 62,000 more than that?

  • Susan MinhTrang Nguyen Post author

    5 years later and I’m still trying to pay off my student loans 😔

  • Ravindra Sinha Post author

    They are smart family. The cheapest family are the Kardashiyans and Jenners.

  • ToniA5555 Post author

    Is it Halloween already?

  • ПLneu Ц Post author

    Can he be my daddy too

  • Dyamanti22 Post author

    That moms hair is so full

  • Susan Bennett Post author

    Become vegan and you can eat very well almost for free! The produce dept. of grocery stores cut off and throw away many greens that are not only nutritious but delicious. I prepare a sitr-fry from "FREE" greens at least once a week. Start a compost pile in your back yard. Throw all the potato peelings and vegetable peelings in the pile. SURPRISE! It needs to be be turned over ever few weeks with a rake. imagine finding whole potatoes, Sweet potatoes, parsley, herbs and even flowers. Not only this, but you are helping to feed the wildlife in your neighborhood and it didn't cost you a cent!

  • Plus Ultra Post author

    More Like America’s Smartest Family

  • patrick mcdonald Post author

    These people are an absolute inspiration pay cash for their cars put the kids through school debt free and go on vacation paid of their house in 9YEARS!! fair play to them 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Esmeralda Chavez Post author

    We pay 286 monthly for food bland there's 8 of us

  • palm2015 Lovey Post author

    Well done 👏

  • Karen V. Post author

    I just watched Budget Girl on YouTube do a wonderful review of your book "America's Cheapest Family." I'm inspired to read it.
    I've seen your family on talk shows years ago, and I think you're all truly outstanding!

  • Sorcerer Vaati64 Post author

    I know how it feels when going to school with no debt. It makes you feel so grateful

  • Varun Manjunath Post author

    poor peasants.

  • Varun Manjunath Post author

    Instead try to get a promotion and raise in salary.

  • Simply Beautiful Post author

    I’m zero waste so I wish they could do it zero waste

  • Madeline Velasquez Post author

    i should be on here because god no I'm cheap

  • JRB Post author

    Oh you didn’t realize you were different, but you decided to make a website called “America’s Cheapest Family”? False

  • Reha Narine Post author

    Hey you guys…. I need some tips

  • Art Vandelay Post author

    I wonder what someone with a $500 car payment, new Nikes, and living on food stamps would think of these people. They'd probably say "Stupid wypipo!"

  • Melinda Francis Post author


  • Mahal Ko Post author

    I’m Asian and I don’t mind if people call my husband and I frugal but never cheap 😂👌👍. We stopped going to the cinema, we don’t have cable, we only have internet. We only have 1 tv and it was even a gift 😁. We cook our food usually from scratch. We seldom eat out. We usually buy fresh produce not canned or packed oh and we have a garden where we are growing our papaya, tomatoes and ginger. I only buy toys for our child twice a year, on her birthday and Christmas 🎄. We use our stuff until we can’t use them any longer. We don’t buy stuff just because. There should be a purpose to everything we buy.

  • ISLAM is Satan's masterpiece - est satanique Post author

    My family has financial problems

  • Mary Sanchez Post author

    If they became vegetarian and also stopped eating junk foods like the Pop Tarts and unhealthy "convenience" foods and prepared foods I saw on the checkout belt, and others seen in their pantry, they'd save even more, and lose weight and be healthy on the inside, too. And possibly a less expensive medical future because they would be less likely to get Type II diabetes with complications and hypercholesterolemia. Otherwise, they're being "penny-wise and pound-foolish."

  • Girl Boy Post author

    The people in that vid are stupid and ugly ,…,sorry…but. it is true

  • BP E Post author

    That's how we save money.

  • Daniel J Maximoff Post author

    Very clever.

  • evelin Morales Post author

    Its 2018 and im watching this no wonder they were using walkie talkies.

  • nice channel Post author

    Everyone please kindly sub me. I’ll sub back 100%

  • emm jay Post author

    Its cool to spend less money, however, do they actually read the nutritional labels because frugal living means high sugars, cholesterol high sodium intake and old meats…so pls tell us how to shop on a frugal budget for healthier food, not vegan, just healthier choices. I saw all the junk in their pantry but honestly how ofter does one need more than 1can of frosting

  • Edgar Martinez Post author

    Being cheap must be their full time job cause what kind of person has time to do all of this?

  • Nirali Kachhela Post author

    Why is she holding a bank card when they pay all in cash?🤭

  • Mohammed Post author

    How did they know they are America’s cheapest family when they made the website but they said they didn’t know that

  • Rock and Blues Post author

    I think I do better coz I never have debt not even a cent coz I don't buy any think that I can't afford

  • Alisha Philbert Post author

    I wish they can help me do things differently or smarter🤨

  • Dede Dinah Post author

    Yep that's how I live, if I don't have the money for it, I don't get it. I try to find the best deals wherever I go. Sadly people are just greedy and want everything now, no one remembers what it is to save up for what you really want.

  • Ru Ba Post author

    Aw! I loved watching video

  • Keiairra G Post author

    I love her hair. It’s so bouncy

  • Angela Berni Post author

    I like her final words " some can even do it better". I think I can. Rule number one keep away as much as possible from supermarkets. Only buying dry goods(toilet paper, paper napkins etc etc when on offer). Invest in very large saucepans and in the summer when vegetables are at their cheapest( if possible grow your own or buy organic from allotments or farmers) make huge amounts of soups to be frozen. This is sooo easy and good for you. Plus you always have something tasty and ready to eat in no time. Oh and don't forget that pasta or rice can be added to make it more substantial.Eat less meat !! Not only will you save a lot but it's far heathier for you( and less killing of animals). Cook large batches of foods to freeze. Buying in bulk saves a tremendous amount of money. Drink more water and definitely cut out on discusting sweet drinks of ANY sort. Switch off all lights when moving from room to room and certainly no house should have televisions in multiple rooms. I haven't watched television in 8 years and am far happier without it. Don't keep buying clothes, shoes,bags that you don't need and certainly don't follow fashion. That exists only to make you spend more. Learn to mix and match what you already have with creativity. It's amazing what a reasonably priced new coloured scarf can do to an outfit,or a chunky piece of cheap but tasteful jewelry. It's really not difficult at all to spend less. Use your initiative a little more and oh i nearly forgot,if you want to revamp your home on a budget,well THAT'S the fun bit. I roam the flea markets pick up fabulous bits if furniture for next to nothing and paint and distress them ….and they look absolutely fabulous. Another good revamping tip. Don't throw it out (unless it's falling apart),but move it to another room or another part of that room. All cheap new looks are available to change how your house looks( changing your cushions covers are proof of this). Happy hunting and do have fun.

  • alisha Dawn Post author

    help make America great again partner with trump to get people off foodstamps and sec 8

  • April Dorsey Post author

    My idols 👍🏻🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • Maria Dyck Post author

    You are smort, lots of people today r living under sooo much stress because they don't know how to manage there money
    Every meal they drink pop instead of water or tea

  • Jay Chase Post author

    How do they handle emergency within the home or with the car

  • Kat c Post author

    If I could just get a a low interest loan pay off $30,000 of my mortgage and debts I would be Free Free at last!!

  • やった😎 Post author

    Thank you very much. This so inspiring

  • hope guzman Post author

    Good job

  • Marc3lina 1969 Post author

    I spend a lot of money on organic fruits and vegetables well just about everything I buy is organic . Is there a way to save ?

  • Sheila Ray Post author

    ppl think we are silly for the things we " spend and save on"

  • The Mastermans Post author

    Love it! We love to save money and be frugal we always shop carefully people can’t believe we only spend under $400 a month for food and our bills are always less then half of everyone else’s

  • Felicia K. Post author

    I like the walkie talkies instead of cell phones

  • Mina Riaz Post author

    If only.i could live like these 2 I would be s millionaire now

  • Diane Bishop Post author

    5 kids and 2 parents I’m sure on $35000 a year you’re getting food stamps, cheap or free insurance and financial aide for school. I could have not worked and got assistance too. I chose to work and pay my own way.

  • Polly Punani Post author

    love them

  • Mary Ann Post author

    Rubbish, waste of a life. Just earn more money and not obsess

  • Blue Steel Post author

    Ever eat out?

  • Corey Mondello Post author

    Too good to be true. They probably had help from their extended family, u cant live the way they do on the amount of salary she said they make, while paying cash for cars and college….

  • Karen M Post author

    Their house, cars and children's educations are paid for?!? There are millionaires that don't have that stuff debt free!!! These people must be doing
    something RIGHT!!!

  • Michael Dixon Post author

    Mom gets cbeap cut meats a nd fresh hand pick fruits and veggies she waits for holuday be over then buys can food deep discounts.

  • paul Gonzales Post author


  • Amanda Garcia Post author

    They may be cheap and “smart” but they’re probably to cheap to tip waiters if they do go out to eat. And they probably DO NOT GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY. What you give is what YOU GET.

  • Morceso898 Gaming Post author

    They aint cheap if thaey still have lights on

  • Tiffany N Post author

    Now, I challenge them to do this all natural/100% organic… food can be cheap…no problem…if it's been processed out the yinyang. I could spend that for just me on an all organic/vegetarian/vegan/Mediterranean (even all organic keto) diet. Just saying…

  • Anuradha luthra Post author

    I am an Indian..In India people has habit of saving money….they save money for their kids education, marriage, home, grandchildren..hahaha..and never live their own life..In India people have lots of money. U can't judge this from their lifestyle

  • Mandy Moore Post author


  • Kissy Kissy Post author

    Where do they live

  • Devyn Glass Post author

    $35,000? I wonder if she is talking about just one of their salaries? Or is she saying that together they bring in that much? Because I cannot see paying off a house in 9 years with just that one salary coming in when you are taking care of a family of 5! UNLESS you are one of these families who get money and assistance from the government and therefore us taxpayers are paying for your shit!

  • jfsfrnd Post author

    It helps to be 2 people. Also people on SSI are not allowed to save more than 2000 or earn any extra money without severe benefit cuts.

  • Widethinker Post author

    I admire you guys but you're eating a lot of crap!

  • Howard Henriquez Post author


  • Stephen Price Post author

    They’re not cheap they’re just smart

  • James Jhonson Post author

    They are one family that won't be calling Dave Ramsey for help. Lol!!!

  • Ulvia Post author

    Love you guys. I am studying to get a career right now.
    But, even though will get extra money for my family.
    Will still live frugal lifestyle.
    We are getting out of debt.
    Never again have credit cards or debt.

  • Eusebia Santiago Post author

    where ya at ?come help me budget even better than what I do

  • Melanie Spaur Post author

    Paid off there house in 9 years???? FIVE!!! KIDS THROUGH COLLEGE… NO LOANS?!?!?!


    My heroes❤❤❤❤❤

  • mari lopez Post author

    This should be the norm 👍🏽

  • Terri Michaels Post author

    I love the word frugality and we have been since 2006 when I lost my truck driving job due to recession

  • Maricela and Sammy’s Hauls Post author

    So true

  • Carol Howard Post author

    We spend $100 a week on groceries/toiletries/dog food/cat food a week. There’s 4 of us. 3 “men” in my house. They can eat ! But I think in 2019 we do pretty good with $100 a week. Plus we have our own garden and fruit trees which really help

  • Luca Azeri Post author

    I hate cheap people, just hate them .

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