5 thoughts on “Amazon turns groceries into gold

  • derty QWERTY42 Post author

    Mark my words. Amazon is going to capitalize on this.. Small nearby LOCAL farmers who will be delivering your fresh food soon by drones right to your back yard. This is not a fantasy, believe me, it already is happening in the world. You will be able to look up local farmers, and simply click a few buttons to search and pick what fruits and doritos flavors you want. Then pay with bitcoin or another famous cryptocurrency used by corporate bankers (cough ripple coin cough)

  • derty QWERTY42 Post author

    Mitch Roschelle.. he doesn't obviously know schit about the subject, why is he there? ahaha. Also, the lady is a horrible host.. listen to the last 15 seconds.. constantly trying to cut the guy. And she is uneducated on many other subjects i watch here…is there a legit director for fox? for real, is it just all legs and ''personality'' like the other hosts?

  • theylied1776 Post author

    Congress would not allow Amazon to acquire Target. That's not going to happen. Amazons position as an online retailer that [does not have to show a profit], unlike Walmart, Sears, or JC Penny gives Amazon an unfair advantage in the retail space. They would be denied under Antitrust.

    Congress would not allow Walmart to acquire Target either.

  • Anthony D Post author

    This ingriham chick rox! Wanna do Lori gdoggy style

  • leepakim Post author

    good analysis

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