Haul, Groceries, Car Registration & More… (Day 115 – 2.23.2015)

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Good Monday morning! I am feeling substantially
better than I did last night. It ends up that I ended up sleeping I think it was like 16
hours yesterday. So it was pretty clear that I was fighting something off. At this point
though I’ve got to edit the vlog I’ve got to get all that taken care of and then I’ve
got to grocery shopping. That like has to happen today. I’ve got like a dozen emails
that I need to send out to people because people wanted to meet up with me while I was
here in Phoenix. Get together for lunch or happy hour or dinner, something like that I don’t
know. I got to send out those emails in order to sit there and try and make all those people
happy and keep all those commitments. I’ve got a chiropractic appointment today as well.
I’m super pumped to see Brad. He’s going to probably tell me that it’s looking better than he expected but still not great and I can live with that. In the meantime guys, go out there and have a great day and yeahlet’s see what the heck I do with mine. Alright this is bizarre at this point. I just received a text message from Amazon telling me that
a package that I had ordered was delivered and I go and check my front door, it’s not
there. I check the online tracking says it’s delivered but gives me no further notification
if they left it at the front office or where it’s at. I’m going to go walk over there since
I was already gonna go — I was already on my way out. Yay! New Amazon haul. Let’s run you through each of the products that I picked up on this one. First up here, I decided to
get myself a jump rope because I think it is a simple and easy thing to bring with me
as I travel around. Next up, the USBcell’s AA. I love these things because they are incredibly
useful for recharging my trackpad, my magic trackpad while I’m traveling. Super easy to
do. Contour Roam2 camera. Why did I buy this? My GoPro Hero 3 Silver won’t power on and
I changed out the battery and it won’t work so decided to go back without a GoPro because
the Contour Roams have a 1/4 20 mount on the bottom which is absolutely crucial for consistent
use. I can use it with all my stuff versus having a separate set of stuff for the GoPro
system. Much easier that way. Hey I got a lens cleaning kit for cameras — for you guys.
This get’s cleaned now with those. So those are going to go into my bag. That should
be awesome. I did end up picking up another xShot. This is the pocket version. It is significantly
smaller and my hope is that I can continue to use it with the new camera and avoid the
clicking issue that we had last time. Additionally, unlike the iPole Steal Mini there’s my 1/4
20 mount so I can throw that on to the tripod and be all good to go. 64 GB SD card for the
camera here. I’m able to get about 5 hours on the 32s but it’s a slower rated card and
so the 64 should help me transfer the data faster and actually being double the size
allow me to store about 10 hours worth of footage which will be about a month for me.
I ended up picking up a speed ladder as well so that I can do some training drills on that.
Just another light weight super condensable piece of workout equipment that can come with
me and since it comes in it’s own bag it makes it super easy to travel. This is a little
cable carry suitcase. Most people have like little suitcases for their toiletry items.
Well because I have so many different wires, I was using the Grid-It and that was good
enough but the wires themselves were still jumping out. I could put the larger things
like the hard drives or the cameras on there and they’d be totally fine but the wires always
worried me so I decided to pick up a little teeny tiny carry all for the wires that go
with me all around the country. Grocery shopping done. [Matt] Anyway I need to give some shout
out to some peeps. So here we go. I’m going to give some shout outs to some new subscribers. Thank you to A Ticket Anywhere. Look at that. That is — A Ticket Anywhere thank you for subscribing. Yeah I was totally not expecting that. I just subscribed to their channel because they were
featured on Heart of YouTube. It’s just crazy to sit there and to follow them or subscribe
to their channel. Watch a couple back episodes. Watch a couple episodes while I was cleaning
up Tom’s house and then come back here on Monday and see their weekend vlog includes
a shout out to me. That is crazy. Thank you Matt and Rachel. Matt I appreciate the shout
out buddy. It’s crazy that YouTube can connect people from legitimately like, I think it’s
like 8,000 miles between the two of us and overnight situations happen and you know what
I’m watching your channel and I’m watching your vlogs consistently already so thank you
again. Hopefully, some point we’ll be able to get into the same physical space because I love what you’re doing with the channel man. So thanks. Time to finally see my chiropractor
again. Quite honestly, I couldn’t be happier about it. I don’t feel like I’m super tight
but I know I can be adjusted. Feeling much much better. It’s one of these things where we can tell, both Brad and I can tell in my back, when I have been sitting and working
versus at the standing desk and the just huge set of cracks that he got out of my back mid-way
through is just brutal. At this point, it’s time for me to go home and finally eat some
lunch ’cause I was on the table for a long time. Much longer than I normally am and then
finish up the closed captioning for the episode and not entirely sure what else today holds. Well my car registration is going to need to be renewed in the next couple of months and I tried to
do it online because Arizona actually wants you to do more and more of that online. They
don’t actually want to see you in the DMV offices or ADOT offices I guess they’re called
in this state. My car needs emissions testing. So I sat there and pulled up the locations
trying to look and schedule an appointment and the one just down the road has a current
walk-in time of 10 minutes or less on the system. So I’m going to drive over there and
get this done. Ten minutes in and out and I have a pass on my vehicle emissions. Yay!
Should give that about 48 hours and then I should be able to re-register my vehicle for
another 2 years which would be fun especially since I’m going to be doing all this traveling.
I don’t want to have to worry about that. I will give Arizona credit because the tech
who was testing my car sat there and he told me “Hey, it’s gonna take 48 hours or so in
order for the data to show up so that you can renew your registration.” I came home,
no joke, within three minutes of me getting home I just decided well I’ll check it and
see if it’s up online yet. And sure enough I was totally able to renew my registration
for another two years. My car should be in the clear until May of 2017 at this point.
I’m hoping that my tags get here before I leave for Vegas which will be a week from
tomorrow. But if they don’t, they don’t it’s not a bad thing it’s just — I would much
rather have that, have it done so I don’t have to think about it again. Next up breaking out the Contour Roam2. And yes, I got a red one this time. Well this is the new Contour
Roam2. I’m checking it just to see what the audio levels are like and to see what the
video image is. It’s a full 1080 again so it shouldn’t be anything different from the
other Contour Roam that I’ve got but you never know. Sometimes they make little changes in-between
full version revisions and so this one might just be a little bit different. Well tonight has been actually pretty cool in the fact that I’ve continued to do a lot of planning
and structure ground work is the best way to describe it for the channel and what I
want to do over the course of the next six months of so. I’ve crossed a couple of other
things off of my personal to-do list which is great as well. But it’s after midnight
now and even though I slept an insane amount yesterday I know I should probably get some sleep today. So I have to say thank you for watching and bye for now!

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