add vegetables to fruit juice

add vegetables to fruit juice

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Hi! My name is Olivier Langlois, and this morning
what I’m going to do is, I’m going to talk about a small innovation that I have introduced in the
recipe I presented in my last video. This one is identical to the previous one. By the way, I did identify the unknown type of
berry, those are blackberries. So, what I did with this juice here is that
I did put some vegetables into it. And the nice thing about that is like, they will
go totally unnoticed, they won’t taste, they won’t change the taste of the juice, just going to put some kick, vitamin kick
and nutrient to the juice. What I did add was some
slaw and spinach. You see I’m going to test the drink tastewise like there’s no way to tell that
I did put some vegetables in the juice. So, let’s try it! Let’s blend the juice
and taste it! Thank you! Voila! Okay, we’re back! Here’s what the juice look like. This morning
something I forgot to mention, I’ve also introduced strawberries
into the juice. So let’s taste it! So, see? Doesn’t taste slaw or spinach. It’s totally, their taste is
totally invisible. It’s tasteless, doesn’t taste
spinach or slaw. That was the point of the video today, so you can put some vegetables
into fruit juice. You’re going to get a vitamin boost,
a vitamin and nutrient boost and they will go unnoticed. Of course, you have to trust me, right? Because, YouTube isn’t multi-sensorial
I wish I could let you taste the juice, but unfortunately,
will be for another day. So, this is it, I hope you enjoyed
the video this morning. Later during the day I’m going to… Actually, I think in 1 hour and a half,
I will be doing my crossfit. And I’m sure it’s going to be a
wonderful day for me, I hope it is going to be the same
for you, my dear viewer. And if you enjoyed the video, please let me
know about it in the comment section below. As always, my thumbs up on my favorite ones. So, express yourself, and also, I am going
to leave a link below where you can receive a free recipes book having the full ingredients and direction to create
your own juice like the one I show in my videos So, that’s it! Have a nice day! See you next time! Goodbye!

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