Aaloo Vade / Aloo Wadi / Marathi Recipe with ENGLISH Sub-titles | Steamed Vegetable Leaf Roll |

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Namaste I am preparing Aaloo Wade This is the leaf We don’t have to take steam of this leaves remove this too chickpea flour I will only take the quantity that i require This are the ingredients required Ginger garlic paste coconut konkani masala or red chilly powder salt Cumin black mustard seeds Half of the Wade , i will bake and remaining i will fry, i’ll show you all the things take Flour as per the leafs we have purchased for 2 to 3 leaves ,50 gram 100 gram is sufficient And in case if the flour remains at last than add chopped onion and fry in oil and make bhajis salt cumin 2 tbsp konkani masala (home made) 2 tbsp 2 tbsp ginger garlic paste coconut mix it by adding water Adding kokam water(Garcinia indica) and it is must in this recipe Or you can use tamrind i forgot to tell at the beginning , as it was kept aside Add water and make paste Mix it properly Pith is ready and now i will apply on the leaves Keep the leaf in this way now keep other leaf over it as shown now i’ll make rolls of this three leaves now fold and apply the mixture apply the mixture at the end so that it would stick now i’ll keep it aside and make other roll apply some pressure , so it would be easy while rolling Till i was preparing the rolls i had kept water for boiling I have also applied oil to the vessel below the rolls so that it would not stick to the vessel we have to steam this recipe it would require 10 minutes to get steamed flames ON Keep lid on it , you can have bigger vessel mine was small After 10 minutes now we have to fry this some peoples also use Jaggery in this recipe cut into pieces adding oil and seasame sesame needs to become little black in color so that it would taste better put this oil with spoon on the recipe this is ready to be served and for some time close it with lid Till that time i would fry this remaining one oil is now hot this is fried alloo wade from the leaf that was left and along with the mixture left i have prepared this mixture all the ingredients are same as before ,Adding kokam water(Garcinia indica) is mandatory this one is fried and this is what i made at the beginning Three dishes are ready to be served

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