6 Easy Ways to Save Money on Groceries and Take-Out

6 Easy Ways to Save Money on Groceries and Take-Out

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hey everybody I’m Janet and I’m Chasten
and we are here for another tidbit from Team Hendricks so fam we are super excited
about today super excited to talk about a super important topic today we are
going to unpack the six easy ways to save money on groceries and take out now
this is super important because we spend a lot of money in this particular area
so if we take a peak at a super important study that took
place at the end of 2017 the US Department of Education they sort of
rolled up some numbers and gave us a peek into what the average food costs
are for a family of four so if we start on the lower end that number is about a
hundred and twenty eight dollars we go up to the high end we’re at about two
hundred and fifty two dollars and that’s per week if we think about the costs
over a month the study says we spend about five hundred and fifty eight
dollars on the low end and on the high end thousand and ninety three dollars
that’s a lot of money y’all so since we spend so much money man we need to
figure out how can we save money in this area and use that savings to pay off
some of our debt and achieve some debt elimination so let’s go ahead and hop in
so six easy ways to save money on your groceries and take out so let’s talk
about the first way J let’s get it let’s go number one
simplify your meals this is easy just simplify it one two three four to five
ingredients not a whole bunch of ingredients just simplify your meals so
that you can save money yeah that’s right simple so way number two would be
take your lunch to work everybody say take your lunch to work I know it’s
something that we don’t really want to do but it will save us a lot of money
yes now I can say this because that was our life that was what I did that’s what
that’s what we did when we were getting out
of debt we took our lunch to to work and so for me I ended up eating peanut
butter and jelly sandwiches and chips almost every workday so it was you know
it was something that I actually liked doing so you know peanut butter and
jelly sandwiches with some fruit some veggies here and there actually a good
lunch and I enjoyed it and we saved some money let’s go ahead and hop in to
number three number 3 is subscribe to your favorite restaurants whether it be
chain or local subscribe to their subscriptions so that they will send you
coupons alerts for discounts and things like that so for instance Sonic we like
Sonic oh yeah we really like Sonic and every week they send me a subsc… they
send me a message like hey we’ve got $0.99 mozzarella sticks hey we’ve got
breakfast burritos in a large drink for $1.99 and this happens every week yo
yeah and that’s just one instance I could go on and on with the restaurants
but you get where we are going you get the point so get this four way number
four is take advantage of those surveys look every time we go to a fast-food
restaurant I want to say every time but most of the time there is a survey on
the back of that receipt or somewhere on it so let me give you some examples
subway has surveys on the back of their receipts most of the time and those
surveys can provide you with a free cookie everybody like cookies right I
mean you know so take advantage of a cookie you go to Panda expresses a place
that we go to often Panda Express has a survey if you do this survey you you’re
entitled to a free entree and another one we all love chick-fil-a if you go to
chick-fil-a sometimes they have that survey and it allows you to get a free
chicken sandwich yeah so go ahead and do that save some money way number five
let’s get a number five I don’t like couponing okay and I know a lot of y’all probably don’t like you couponing but there are
digital coupons now so you can literally be just
chillin with your family hanging out on break while you’re having lunch break
and you can scroll through and look for digital coupons and you can add them so
that whenever you put in your phone number those digital coupons will just
automatically take off whenever you are in checkout I mean it’s that easy and
then you can just hop on the coupons.com coupons.com and print out a quick
coupon it’s so simple I’m not with the clipping and saving and piling and
compiling and I know a lot of us aren’t so we can make it easier for ourselves
digital coupons make it easy but you save money yeah that’ll work
and way number six our last way is to take advantage of the savings programs
at our local grocery stores so here where we live we have Kroger right down
the street we take advantage of their savings
program it allows us to save money in the store and then we can use some of
those savings some of those reward points to save money on gas which is a
double blessing so we love it we love it and you know Walmart they have their savings
catcher program and their savings catcher program allows you to save a few
dollars here and there so go ahead and take advantage of that and save some
money so we hope that you know these six easy ways were helpful if they were
helpful go ahead and tell us how you plan on implementing these into your
life in the comments section J is anything else you want to say hey if you
do these things you can easily save money I mean we cut down our budget to
for food and take out to like 125 so I mean it’s it’s feasible
you just gotta just got to put in the time to just got to do you got to do
it you know hey and remember every dollar that you save in one area is a
dollar that you can use towards your debt to get debt-free do it do it do it
we love y’all we’ll see y’all next time peace

7 thoughts on “6 Easy Ways to Save Money on Groceries and Take-Out

  • Dominique King Post author

    Great video. Thanks for sharing this info!

  • Debt Free Fever Post author

    Could you add a short descriptions of the 6 tips in the descriptions box, so I can review at the end of your video. Thanks. 😊

  • Lindsay Post author

    Y’all are too funny! I just discovered your videos. Thanks for sharing and keep it up! It’s nice to see others that have made it out of debt. It gives me encouragement that I can do it too.

  • Goad Life Post author

    Great tips! Other than mortgage and debt this is our biggest expense up to 1300/mo!!!!! I love the tips on free fast food as well as simplifying the meal plan! I definitely need to simplify my meal plans so we are more likely to stick to it and save money on groceries. Thanks for the tips!

  • Oreo Emesis Post author

    Pizza Hut's survey gets you $10 off a $20 order.

  • Char Ro Post author

    Great information I love it.

  • Sarah Post author

    Boston Market gives away free entree if you finish a survey.

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