3D Acrylic Strawberries – Fresh Summer Fruits 3D Nail Art – Nail Tutorial Video

3D Acrylic Strawberries – Fresh Summer Fruits 3D Nail Art – Nail Tutorial Video

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[MUSIC] So, for this design I’ve already got a nail already done, prepared. It’s a pink and white nail, it doesn’t have to be a pink and white nail. If you were gonna use a nail, it could just be a natural beige nail, anything like that cuz we’re gonna cover it with gel polish. So, I’m gonna start with the Urban Graffiti range using White On, and I’m gonna go right up to the cuticle, not flooding it. And we’re gonna put two coats of that on, and we’re gonna cure each coat. Now that’s cured, I’m gonna use bull’s eye and it’s a gorgeous orangey-pinky red, kinda like a deep coral I would say. I’m just painting it on the end, I’m gonna sweep out one side. And then I’m gonna use one of the gel brushes that has the dotting tool on the end and smudge that up, I’m not looking for perfection. I’m looking just for random smudge, just so it fades up a little bit. And I’m gonna cure that. So, I’m just gonna use some of the red gel paint, tiny bit. It’s really pigmented, so you wanna take off any excess off the brush and just run that up, so you’ve got a bit more of a fade and fade does not need to be perfect. A lot of this will be covered, but I just need a little bit of color in there. Pop that into the lamp and cure. I’m gonna seal this with Mega Gloss, pop that into the lamp and cure. Now, we’re gonna do some leaves around the gorgeous strawberries. So, the leaves go on first, and the colors we’re gonna use are Palm Leaves and Rain Forest. All right?>>[LAUGH]>>God, abuse! You get abused by the models? It’s just disgraceful! I don’t get paid enough for this.>>[LAUGH]>>So, for the leaves I’m gonna use Secondary Green, it’s a nice Very fitting with the theme. Then when it starts to lose its shine, you can start to press into that bead of acrylic and create all the detail, and the shape. I’m gonna add some more different sizes. Now, we’re gonna do the strawberries using Pure Red. Pop that on. Gently move that into a strawberry shape. Keep it nice and neat at the sides with your brush, and then we’re gonna flatten the top off at an angle. And I hope you can see what I mean. So, can you see this ridge here? And you’ve got a flat top to it, yeah? What I’m gonna do now, another bead pretty straight on the top surface, sneak it round the side. On the side, you’re not gonna go on that top flat area. Now, this the layer that you’re going to create the little indentations of the, where the pips grow. I have no idea what they’re called! It’s just these little holes where the little pippy things grow. So, into your powder, at a slight angle if you don’t want them to be just circles, really random. So, you want your little holes, and you don’t want them completely round. Now, I’ll show you why we’ve kept that top section flat. That is the room for our leaves, and we’re gonna use some of the Palm Leaf color and the Secondary Green. I’m gonna do two leaves at a time. So, I’m gonna cut through the middle and then bring it out, so you’ve got two individual leaves. Same again, small bead. Use the tip of your brush to cut through, and then press and pull them out. Then I’m just gonna use the Secondary Green,] To do the little stem at the top, that bit of the strawberry that you always flit off. You don’t eat this then, it wouldn’t taste I know. Right, what we’re gonna do now is put a few more strawberries on. We’re gonna repeat exactly what we’ve done just, we’re gonna bunch them together. What I’m gonna do now, now we’ve got all the strawberries on and everything like that, I’m just gonna use a little smidge of white paint and we’re gonna do some dry brushing. So you need a dry brush, believe it or not dry brushing needs a dry brush, and some white paint, and I’ll show you on my nail, That’s what you need it like. So, it’s just a little bit of paint, and dry brush around the leaves and then also a little bit on the strawberries, and can you see what happens? I’ll show you on this bigger one so you can see. When you dry brush over the strawberry, it enhances those little indentations. And you’re gonna sorta do this on one side, as if the light’s catching it on one side, to make it more realistic. I’m always checking my brush all the time. So, when I’m tapping my brush onto my nail, I can see how much paint is actually coming off the brush. It’s better to add little by little, rather than adding a lot of paint and ruining your design. If you add a little, you can always add more. If you add too much, it’s a lot harder to take it off. So we’ve added that detail, now we’re gonna get a little bit of the old Mega Gloss. I’m gonna pop it on to a form. Look at this form, I did a little bit of a strawberry on it. J.J’s gonna tear it out at home, aren’t you? Now we need the tiniest amount on this brush, yeah? The tiniest amount of Mega Gloss because you’ve got all these little tiny holes that are on the strawberries, whatever them dents are->>Seeds.>>Dimples and seeds, whatever they are. We don’t want to fill those with Mega Gloss, so we just want a little bit on the brush, and we’re just gonna skip over it. So, we’ve got a little bit of shine, and now we’re gonna cure that in the lamp. So, the paint detail that we’ve done on the leaves, we’re gonna seal in with brush-on glue. You could leave it like that if you wanted to, but as soon as you wash your hands the paint will come off. Let that dry. Make sure that brush-on glue is dry before you put your cuticle oil on because it will go like a milky white colour, the glue will, and you don’t want that. So that’s, that one completely finished, always gorgeous strawberries. If you wanna look at all the products that we used today, you can check out the description in the box below. Click on the link, it will take you straight to the website, where they’ll all be there ready to buy! So, don’t forget to check us out on Instagram as well, Naio Nails, UK.
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