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pretty awsome Yo, okay so we got the fruit loops now and umm I think it is time Good morning sheraz wow where have you been sheraz This morning i ate food and then i went to the Apple store because i am doing an iPhone Giveaway stay tune and then we went to the grocery store will you help me with my vlog? uhm… No. NO? okay… Dad is that you? hahaha (dad), I hope not are you my long lost son Charlie? Where’ve you been all this years? I thought you die in Iraq Yo! I’m out here, we made it I miss you dad it’s been so awesome Grandpa? Is that you? Grandpa! No? Oh, I thought that was my Grandpa Mom……. Mom…? whats that I thought that was my mom. Aunt Shannon? Are you my aunt shannon? nah sorryyyyy I thought that was my aunt Shannon Spongebob?! Spongebob is that you?! I thought that was Spongebob Mom is that you? I thought that was my mom Hey Ricky Gotta love ricky Sup Jake Paulers I’m about to do a cool transition back to the house. This is like a flashback right now. Some I am basically like talking to you in the future or something. Hopefully I dont get kicked off of this thing. I also just want to say I love you guys. You guys are awesome and try to smile today so anyways as I was saying no one saw anything run, run JK I’ll clean that up I stole your car She has no idea that I stole her car Thug LYFE Ohhhh I love those shoes gurl! WorkIT OK DOPE There was basically nothing in there, but we got a ton of boxes of Fruit Loops to fill up a pool with and back to you Jake Thank you Jake, thank you thank you thank you Uhhh ya as Jake said, we are filling a pool with 50,000 fruit loops, I am doing an iPhone giveaway. Guys, where is my squad? Did you forget the Fruit Loops? Oohhhhhh….. Shoot. God I feel like I have to do everyt—- Fruitloops in 3,2,1, huahhhhh YOOOO So we got the Fruit Loops now and I think it is time and guys, if you’re new here I’m Jake Paul This is the team 10 house and we go hard every single day BRUH, so be flippin ready if you’re new to this channel yo Nick, what do you think about this bro? yeah can you say uhh 50,000 Fruit Loops in a pool? I bet there’s is more than that MORE THAN 50,000? NOPE NOPE I actually counted every single loop I wouldn’t lie to my audience, how many would you say this is? A million, you think this is a million fruit loops Not is it in a box, they’re like this big you think that’s true? I mean I, I, didn’t actually count you can count them like each one Nope Nope Like 900

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